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  1. It's been a long time since I've added anything, and the competition is quite stiff per usual! Finally got this thing finished (for the most part). Chris Buckholts @ Webbworks Tattoo in Naples, Fla.
  2. God damned swollen thigh. Tried wrapping it the first two nights and it made my massive thunder thigh blow up twice the size. Everyone at work keeps commenting about my nice dresses and skirts ... I cannot wait to be back in my jeans next week and look like my frumpy self!
  3. Thanks! I think that's pretty cool! As much as I hate living in South Florida, I've been here for 20 years and consider it home. Figured Florida should be with me wherever I go. Had no idea he was going to add in them oranges but I think they round out the piece nicely. Kinda sad there was no tattooed blood somewhere in there though!
  4. Yeah, he does really great Japanese. I actually live five minutes from there but haven't got anything from him yet.
  5. New in the last two weeks: From Heath Nock today during his guest spot at Handcrafted Miami: And the start of my back, a Sailor Jerry remix from Chris Buckholts at Howl Tattoo/Gallery in Fort Myers, Florida. Little bit of a cover up in that. Kinda self conscious about seeing my entire back but whatever you guys are kind.
  6. Y'all may have seen this stained glass piece I've been working on for a few weeks on the Instagrams: Brokeback lady skull based on Mike Fite's banner/bizcard as a gift for him from myself and a good buddy of his. I have one of his variations on it on my thing. Waiting on the wood framing stock to come in so I can ship it off to him. Doing the piece was a big feat for me and I'm super happy how it is coming out. I look forward to doing more adaptations of flash as I grow my personal collection.
  7. Starting on my back tomorrow from a nice kid in Fort Myers. I really loved a drawing he did and had been meaning to get a piece from him ... It's an adaptation of a sailor Jerry Indian lady head. Taking a bit of a leap of faith in him, but I like his work a lot and love the drawing. It'll be his first back piece but we aren't going to fill it completely edge-to-edge. Finally getting my alligator piece from Heath Nock at Handcrafted Miami a week or so. Had to stop myself from booking with Destroy Troy while he is in town for the convention next week. I really want a shark skull hat tho! Btw, I've missed y'all. It's been a crazy few weeks at work and I've just not spent much time on here.
  8. Best first tattoo I've ever seen! So awesome!
  9. This makes me want to cry. Like my tattoos would "fall put" and leave open wounds like I was a zombie.
  10. @living4today I love Miguel! He just did my last piece and my BFF's arm too. I hope to get something from Jason or Craig next time I'm in ATL. Send them my regards!
  11. Awesome! I met Jason last month. Great shop and group of guys! Can't wait to see the outcome!
  12. More crap Bieber tattoos. At this rate he is going to fill up before our very eyes. Amusing at least.
  13. Re: the Morrissey portrait ... I know Mike Adams (Hold it Down in Richmond) has done a lot of Smiths / Moz tattoos:
  14. Awesome addition @dirbab. Met him a few weeks back in ATL. Hilarious guy.
  15. Welcome! Interesting that they reacted that way since they're not visible at work! But hey it worked out cause now its all good at the new place! I work in a newsroom myself and am quite visible with my tattoos and I'm grateful that no negative reactions have happened for the most part. Enjoy LST! Great group here!
  16. Living in South Florida for 22 years, I pretty much consider myself a native. And like a native, I take it for granted and bitch about how anywhere but here is better. When I moved back a few years ago, I made a promise to me myself to really try and enjoy this humid paradise. So, today I finally visited the historic lighthouse that is only 10 miles from my house. And then it promptly monsooned on us as we got off the boat on our way back ...
  17. In my opinion, one cannot have enough lady heads! They're my favorite. I only have three right now but plan for many, many more! Planning on getting my next one soon from Jason Minauro. Which reminds me, I need to finalize that shit ...
  18. Hey hey, don't hate on us journalists. :) I'm the most tattooed in the newsroom, but there are a few others with visible tattoos in both newspapers where I work. I'm neutral about the article itself ... Seemed fair enough. And the images themselves do too, considering if you look around the office you'll likely find a shit ton of crap rather than all our beautifully adorned limbs and body parts. Haha.
  19. @hfs40000 great pieces. Isn't Greg the best?
  20. Haha! I was viewing it on my iPhone and totally missed that. Awesome.
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