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  1. thank you very much @slayer9091
  2. Any one know of a good place that i can use one of my original paintings to get put on business cards for my shop? anything would help!!!!
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    classic and solid
  4. @Lochlan @hogg @slayer9019 thanks alot you guys! i really enjoy this site, i can make tattooing a constant part of life, i enjoy getting on here and looking at all the cool work posted its a real motivator! thank you so much for your compliments it means alot!
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    the burning mickey, and snake dagger
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    hangin at the shop
  7. everything posted in this gallery is by me
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    Crop Cat

    so fuckin cool dude
  9. Just thought id make a post to see some cool tattoo history I am currently at the shop and have some more cool original stuff at home, ill soon be posting an original Owen Jensen acetate stencil and an original Bert Grimm acetate stencil. But ill start it off by sharing an original Zeke Owens tattoo machine I have, sorry about the screenshot from instagram its a good double shot of the engraving and the actual machine. also i dont know if anyone would be interested, but i make acetates myself just for fun, if you have any design you want message me! i love doing them and will bust out some for free or for a trade with all of you! Message me if your into it! anyway heres the picture hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. greg christian is so fucking good with the girl heads jesus.
  11. instead of blacking out your arm just get rubendall to do some dope jap work on it! itll cost about the same, thats aloooootttt of black packing.
  12. my buddy bo myers from texas just painted this rad rock of ages about to pick up the orignal in a couple days hopefully
  13. sorry about the random posts and your welcome to the comments about my tattoo posts im still not used to tagging people, Eric told me a story about mike malone he finished my tattoo, and told me for my help it would be a free tattoo, i tried to tip him, and he told me "i said it was free." he then proceeded to tell me to never double cross a tattooer he said "i told you it would be free and thats what it is, mike malone told me a story about a tattoo he did at china sea, said he did a panther on a kid and when he turned his back to break his station down the kid fled the shop without paying, he told me that as soon as the kid made it into the street he was hit and killed by a bus, and thats why you never double cross a tattooer." my mouth was dropped by how awesome this story was haha. thanks again for checking out my stuff!
  14. I was 14 years old when i received my first tattoo, it was on an old futon bed, in a living room of a house party we were having, i was big into punk rock and hardcore music and skateboards that was pretty much my life, so i figured what the hell lets put something on my leg. so i got "skate & annoy" on the back of my leg, the kid ran out of liners and lined it with the side of a shader (ouch) whip shaded it with black and filled the letters in green. the letters are all oozy and drippy looking with the design and i was so pumped on it. well hiding it from my dad and mom was the hard part, i never wore shorts. during the summer every beach trip my family ever had was avoided, i did a damn good job at hiding it. i hid it all the way until i was 18 years old and finally got one legally. i showed my parents my new tattoo, and they loved it. I then started off with "theres one more thing i have to show you" i pulled up my pant leg and told them the story about how i got it when i was 14 and how i had dodged them with it for 4 years. my dad is a very southern working class man, one of those dont talk much kind of guys, he looks at my leg and stares at me and goes "why didn't you tell me? i wouldnt of been all that upset." so all that family time i miss i could of been apart of, but we all know how life works, you live and learn. its still one of my favorite tattoos to this day.
  15. I dont like when people constantly have to ask if they are sitting okay, i am usually a very nice dude and i understand reassuring the client to get them through a tough spot but when you ask me if you are sitting okay 450 times when im on one line and you already know my response regardless is going to be "doing great man!" that kinda urks me. i also hate when people chew gum as they get tattooed and chew with there mouth open for some reason its like needles on a chalk board to me and i just cant stand it.
  16. my worst was my cry baby on my palm or my hipbones when i got my front outlined in the groin area, the literal worst spots ive ever felt
  17. well shit i already posted this but hell ill share it here, Eric Inksmith tattooed me at the Wilmington North Carolina Tattoo expo a couple months back
  18. Im new to the board, my name is matthew mcclain, i am 20 years old, I tattoo at Bombs Away Tattoo in the great military town of Jacksonville North Carolina. I was apprenticed by an amazing artist and person named Bart Andrews, i have had amazing experiances that i am grateful for as well as people i have gotten to work with, Im a fan of bold traditional tattoos, guns, motorcycles, skateboards, and having a good time. I am interested in learning everything i can in this life time about the amazing craft that tattooing is. I figured i would make a profile on this board for down time when im not painting drawing, or at the shop. I have plenty of paintings for sale as well as handmade acetate stencils that i like to make on spare time, hell, i usually just give them away. if you are interested in anything i post feel free to talk! thanks for your time!
  19. I apologize for the double post just thought id share this jem, i got the amazing honor of working a convention for Eric Inksmith and in return he tattooed me for all the help, with this inksmith special, at the end of the tattoo he asked me "you want to know why i used purple?" i responded "yessir" and he said "it was paul rogers favorite color." i am so excited to have worked with him and to have heard the wild and crazy stories of all the guys i look up to that he was willing to share. this is a couple of months healed.
  20. got about 3 hours of work done on my whole front by an amazing artist in North Carolina named Brandon Munday, dude kills it reminds me alot of tony hundahl super awesome tattoos check his instagram out and spread the love @mundaytattoo
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