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    Matt mcclain, aspiring tattooer, painter, skateboards, motorcycles havent been tattooing long got cut loose out of my apprenticeship 6 months ago, looking to learn and have fun, i tattoo at bombs away tattoo
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    North Carolina
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    instagram= @matt_mcclain
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  1. mattmcclaintattoo


    thank you very much @slayer9091
  2. mattmcclaintattoo


    Any one know of a good place that i can use one of my original paintings to get put on business cards for my shop? anything would help!!!!
  3. mattmcclaintattoo


    classic and solid
  4. mattmcclaintattoo


    @Lochlan @hogg @slayer9019 thanks alot you guys! i really enjoy this site, i can make tattooing a constant part of life, i enjoy getting on here and looking at all the cool work posted its a real motivator! thank you so much for your compliments it means alot!
  5. mattmcclaintattoo

    Use of Painkillers

    Bear with it! its all apart of the experience!
  6. mattmcclaintattoo


    the burning mickey, and snake dagger
  7. mattmcclaintattoo


    hangin at the shop
  8. mattmcclaintattoo

    Bunny Bert 1

  9. mattmcclaintattoo

    tattoo collections

    @slayer9019 who all has tattooed you?
  10. mattmcclaintattoo

    jerry execution

    everything posted in this gallery is by me
  11. mattmcclaintattoo

    Crop Cat

    so fuckin cool dude
  12. mattmcclaintattoo

    tattoo collections

    Just thought id make a post to see some cool tattoo history I am currently at the shop and have some more cool original stuff at home, ill soon be posting an original Owen Jensen acetate stencil and an original Bert Grimm acetate stencil. But ill start it off by sharing an original Zeke Owens tattoo machine I have, sorry about the screenshot from instagram its a good double shot of the engraving and the actual machine. also i dont know if anyone would be interested, but i make acetates myself just for fun, if you have any design you want message me! i love doing them and will bust out some for free or for a trade with all of you! Message me if your into it! anyway heres the picture hope you guys enjoy it!
  13. mattmcclaintattoo

    My wife's Medusa tattoo by Greg Christian 2012

    greg christian is so fucking good with the girl heads jesus.
  14. mattmcclaintattoo

    heavy black work sleeve/japanese traditional sleeve

    instead of blacking out your arm just get rubendall to do some dope jap work on it! itll cost about the same, thats aloooootttt of black packing.
  15. mattmcclaintattoo

    Rock of Ages Tattoo Design

    my buddy bo myers from texas just painted this rad rock of ages about to pick up the orignal in a couple days hopefully