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  1. here's mine sorry for the poor photo quality, 13 dollars plus a 7 dollar good luck tip! at Broken Dagger Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV I went right after work (8pm) and didn't end up getting tattooed till 1am! I didn't mind, just hung out and talked with everyone at the shop which is part of the fun.
  2. I got this Murder City Devils tattoo few years ago, sorry for the poor quality. I also have the Minor Threat black sheep on my shoulder. but no picture of that.
  3. That's epic! The furthest I've traveled was just a hour by plane to Portland. Took a long weekend to hang in the city and got some daggers on my shoulders at scape-goat
  4. I grew up in trailer estates (just a step above a trailer park) and during this time, late 80's to early 90's meth was a big thing(still is)..so, my first memory is just of some sketchy tweaker with some even sketchier jail house/living room work. It wasn't until I hit high school and started going to hardcore and punk shows where I saw really sweet traditional and Japanese tattoos on the older guys.
  5. Yup, Mark Chatfield. I don't think he lives in Vegas anymore..but I bump into him from time to time at the shop or my friend's place...he's a cool guy
  6. Oh man, blujax01 that is great!!the guitar player of the godz owned a guitar shop here in town that he sold to a friend of mine a year back, this is the first time I saw a reference for the band outside of that shop hah
  7. Sorry, the photo I tried to post was waytoobigand it looks like I'm unable to delete my post (I suck at interneting)
  8. It looks like I'm little late to this post and hopefully your brother hasn't got some jacked up work. I live in Las Vegas (born & raised) The shops mention above are all rad I.e. Classic Tattoo, Battle Born, Downtown Tattoo. I would personally recommend Downtown Tattoo (the others are rad too!) I like the vibe and got work from a handful of the dudes there. Also, some other shops to check out would be ; Studio 21 (Jason Paxman is doing my back piece) Showroom Tattoo (Bundy and his crew are sweet) plus Chad Koeplinger will be guest spotting their next week (5/24-5/28) an I'm currently br
  9. everyone looks good in a tube-top!!!!! jk - - - Updated - - - it is kinda of weird thing if you're running your own business and having approve something like that, but where I work It's a pretty large corporation with money an Im all for making things a little weirder around the office!!
  10. From the ages of 23-28 I was doing reservations for shows an all the fancy restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. The money was good, which allowed me to a ton of traveling and get tattooed. When I first started the dress code was dress shirt/tie/slacks. They relaxed it down to casual (t-shirts/jeans) and actually saw productivity and moral shoot up, but ya still had to keep your tattoos covered. I didn't mind 'cause I'm a private person and didn't really wanna "show off to my co-workers", (It sucked during the summer, wearing long sleeves, the Vegas summer is hell!) but I had co-workers who w
  11. I ordered it an impulse buy off Amazon last week. It's rad! I've been taking my time digesting it..the book is worth checking out.
  12. My arms are pretty heavily filled, not really a sleeve, just different pieces patch-worked together. I never really had anything negative happen, most of the time I get compliments. The only time I ever encounter anything sketchy is when I'm riding the bus. I have a 13 (friday the 13th tattoo) on my right bicep. So every know and then I get a chollo/homeboy on the bus (I don't live in the best area) flashing gang signs at me. I just look straight ahead an ignore it..and nothing really happens past that.
  13. The Ed Hardy one is also on Hulu. I watched both back to back the other night when I couldn't fall asleep.
  14. I saw a place that was a smoke shop/tattoo shop an a PC REPAIR SHOP!!! this is also in Vegas, It was pretty mind bogglin'.
  15. Hank

    Hello, I'm Hank!!

    Hah, that's the Guinness harp me and my buddy got a while back. The artist is Buddy Holiday at Downtown Tattoo | Las Vegas, NV Also, thanx for the welcome everyone!!
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