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  1. I am still searching for an artist, in the meantime I am trying to gather up pictures for possible ideas. I keep coming back to the roses, and really like this kind of rose art work. I'm thinking of having the roses/vines wraping around my wrist spiraling up my forearm and have the "Believe" covered up. I'm thinking black and gray, maybe just a hint of reds and greens colorwise...am I on the right track of thinking?
  2. I love Firefly and Serenity....I have downton Abbey saved on my netflix, but haven't gotten around to watching it yet (watching How I met your Mother currently)....Doctor Who keeps getting in the way though :)
  3. Awesome, Thank you. I am leaning to the anchor if I can figure where where I want it. I'm leaning to Tim Beck from Freedom Tattoos in Peoria, IL. He seems to stand out and isn't too far for me to travel with young children. I'll see what i can find from him in some of those places.
  4. No date yet--still need an artist, but next one will either be my roses or butterfly for the child I lost.
  5. My first choice is 2 hours for Freedom Ink...still need to look into that place. Next stop would be 4ish hours for Chicago. - - - Updated - - - My first choice is 2 hours for Freedom Ink...still need to look into that place. Next stop would be 4ish hours for Chicago.
  6. I am loving this site so far, I've found answers to many questions as well as have a few more form...hoping this doesn't come out to be too long. I guess to start with, I might be missing it, but is there a place to ask about a particular artist and/or shop? So now to my tattoo questions. I have a few ideas I have loved and wanted for about 15 years now. The basic ideas I have are 2 cover ups--a large back piece with a tree and black birds, rose and vine wrist/arm cover up, anchor, butterfly, and a Celtic motherhood knot. I'm looking at getting my wrist tattoo covered with roses and vines--
  7. Janerae


    I've got a few ideas--I can't wait til I can make a post. I've got general question and ideas for cover ups. I think more traditional. I'm wanting my wrist letter covered with a rose(s) and vines, a motherhood celtic knot, something to cover up my awful back tat...still trying to cement what I want. I'm about 4 hours south in Macomb (2 hours from Peoria)
  8. Janerae


    Welcome--I'm new as well and really considering driving up to Chicago to have some work done, I swore I would only have 1...now I want at least 4-6 more :)
  9. In general my biggest mistake was being too naive at 18, which is kinda cliched in itself, lol... As far as crap tattoos I've seen--way way too many to list here, I think a google image search would sum many that I've seen.
  10. She sounds like the same kind of lady that handed out flyers at our local bookstore during harry potter book releases--if the *worse* possible thing my kid wants to do is get tattooed I'm sticking with I've done a damn good job as a mom.
  11. major creeper--speaking from a female's POV--I don't think he ever gonna get laid again without paying for it...
  12. Janerae

    Newbie here

    Since my toddler is giving me a few minutes of quiet time by playing quietly, I thought I would post my story and pics of my current tattoos. At 18 years, my 3 best friends (Jennie, Anne, Betsy) and I decided to get friendship tattoos--Jennie drew a fairy design for us. Each of our birthdays fall in a different season, so each were going to have the fairy tweaked to show that season. It had a full dress on, kneeling down looking like she would take off flying at any moment, with a look of reckless youth on her face...representing our passage into adulthood and leaving our childhood behind. Mi
  13. Wow, I opened this expecting a ton of fat hate. I am just starting a major weight lost journey and a major back piece is what I'm planning as a reward for losing the 100 pounds I need to lose. This has been something I've been worried about since I have 3 other tattoos I want to get done over the next year.
  14. Janerae

    Newbie here

    Thanks! I hope I do too.
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