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  1. I got into the most prestigious school of journalism in my country! After both written and oral exams, I finally got the email. I was accepted. Now I just wish I had some money so I could get myself a sweet victory tattoo! :D
  2. Just finished healing! So stoked about it! Done by Jesper at The Sailors Grave in Copenhagen. Slightly modded SJ flash.
  3. I only get asked about my tattoos from drunk chicks that I don't know. Don't ask me why that is, but having been a "tattooed person" for a year now (not that it's a long time or anything), that's my experience. Now I am one of those persons that gets tattooed cause tattoos are cool, and I like the art and the looks of them. I don't have a fancy story about any of my tattoos, and some people seriously get angry because of it. They have obviously been watching too much TV if you ask me :rolleyes: One time, a drunk chick simply walked up to me, and asked about my tattoos. I told her that I just liked the look, and she started saying things like "Wow thats really dumb" and "Why would you want something permanently on your body, if it doesn't mean anything to you", and I just stood there looking baffled, instead of saying something back to her. I obviously should have told her how rude she was, but I never managed too do so. Now when chicks come asking me things, I make up some seriously lame story, and watch their reaction. So far not a single one has called me on it. E.g. I have a swallow, and it was my first tattoo, so one of my favorites are "Yeah, the swallow represents me moving to another city, away from home and starting my adult life, spreading my wings and becoming a man". They eat it up, and think I'm sooooo deep and amazing. Then I laugh my ass off, and walk away. It's kind of a fun hobby! :D
  4. Just an update on the situation: Still got the bumps, although they seem to get smaller by the day. Haven't really been nervous about it, but it will be nice to see them go. I might just have horrible skin I think! Now I can't wait to the fall, where the sun doesn't shine, and I can get tattooed again! :p
  5. I barely used any lotion on this tattoo, so I doubt that is the case - could be though. Mine are only on the tattoo, you can simply feel where the tattoo starts and ends because of the dots.
  6. Hi guys. This is my second tattoo, so I'm still a bit of a beginner at this. So my tattoo has these little white dots in it. The tattoo is three months old, and should be fine. I have one other tattoo, that did not have the same problems, even though it's right next to this one, and they are in the same color. The white dots are not color specific - they are evenly all over the tattoo. The area is my inner bicep - and I have a lot of stretchmarks there - could that have anything to do with it? I will of cause talk to my tattoer about it, but thought you guys might know something! Help a worried young man! :)
  7. Nice! Well, I hope we get to meet then. I'm in Berlin from Thursday to Monday night, and will hopefully swing by your shop one of the days.
  8. Thanks for the responses. @Joe Shit: Thank you, I will take a look at the links! @briankelly: They look very interesting! And they do walk ins?
  9. Hi guys! Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I'm going on a spontaneous trip to Berlin next week, and I was thinking of getting a tattoo. But where in Berlin can you find a shop that does walk in costumers? They need to be good at traditional tattoos, and it would be cool if there was some kind of flash on the walls. I really don't know much about Berlin, so I'm open for all suggestions! Thanks for reading this! Andreas
  10. FUCK THIS across the knuckles. That could come in handy in so many situations! lol
  11. Face and head, genitals and other obscure places. I just dont find them aesthetically pleasing, and especially on a guy like me, who is not badass at all! I actually quite like hands and neck tattoos, but where I live, it is (thankfully) still reserved for the really tough guys, so I will probably not get any of those. But we'll see when I get my shit together, and find out what I wanna do with my life. It's hard to make such drastic decisions when you have no idea about what line of work you are going to end up in. And I still have tons of open space, so I havent earned 'em anyway.
  12. Great, you just made a young mans life a little better! :D
  13. My panther is now two weeks old, and is nearly healed. The red parts are still not healed 100 % - the same thing happened to my last tattoo - is it somthing to be concerned about?
  14. Wannabe

    Panther head

    My 2. tattoo
  15. Here is my new panther. I really love it! It's two days old in the picture, and the picture itself is pretty bad - I will take a better one when it's healed. And I found out, that the inner bicep hurt a bit more than the outside of my arm :p It's done by Mads Jönsson from Ink Link tattoo in Roskilde, Denmark.
  16. I'm sure it would be a blast to have a blacklight tattoo that sais "The butler did it". That way you can help the good people who are running arround your dead mutilated body searching for traces of seamen having a laugh.
  17. I just made an appointment yesterday, to get a panthers head on my left bicep. People usually says that the inside of the arm hurts, so as a noob I just want to know one thing: Am I going to cry during the session? :confused:
  18. I was just reading on a Danish forum, and I'm a bit depressed now. This guy was so freakin' lucky to get a dragon from Royal Tattoo (Henning Jorgensen), one of the best artist out there, and is now planning on covering it up because it's not "unique" enough for him. Well damn. And this is seriously coming from a guy that has a tattoo that says "MVP" down his arm. Has all this LA Ink made people go mad? A lot of people end up with strange and often not very good tattoos, because they want somthing unique. What's wrong with getting a tattoo, that actually looks like a tattoo? Tl;Dr: I'm mad. :D
  19. Wannabe


    My very first tattoo - as you can see, the picture is taken litterally ten minutes after it was done, so the yellow looks a bit orange in the picture.
  20. Hi guys! And thank you for this forum, it's absolutely perfect! I have been looking for a serious forum for quite a while, and I finally stumbled upon this one. I myself is a young guy from Denmark (19), who is into more traditional tattoos, just like the ones this forum is about. I've gotten my first tattoo a few months ago ( a swallow on the back of my arm), and I'm definetly looking to get a lot more - I mean you can't just have one, right? ;) I love the long and proud Danish tattoo history, and is inspired by Denmarks late king Christian IX, whom had a few tattoos himself. My english is probably not perfect, but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say anyway! Andreas aka. Wannabe
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