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  1. Thanks Hogg. It is one of my favorites.
  2. Getting some more work from Trevor McStay tomorrow. Finishing off my calf and possibly doing something on the knee. I don't know what to do on my knee, but I do know I want it to be quick.
  3. Some crappy phone pics of my Lehi tiger. He is being mean to a dragon.
  4. I've got a Tim Lehi tiger on my right forearm. One of these days I'll get off my lazy ass and post a pic.
  5. I've gone here in San Francisco - | TattooBeGone SFTattooBeGone SF They were competitive cost wise and seem to do a good job. Note, I've only had one session so far.
  6. I didn't find glutes/hams/back of thighs etc... to be that bad. Shins/calves have been my worst experience though I haven't gotten my kneecaps done yet. But we are all special snowflakes and feel pain in different ways.
  7. Dude does full sleeves for $300 if you pre-book. Not bad, not bad...
  8. First one's I ever saw were the two my dad got in Viet Nam. Though he later tried to have them removed and was left with some sweet scars. First time I saw people that made me want to have tattoos was 1981 when the Stray Cats played Fridays. I knew at that moment that someday I would be covered with them.
  9. Welcome to fine line fever. Single needle outlining sucks. All the scales on the dragon on my back were a pain in the ass.
  10. I'm getting whole front done with Fujin and tiger. Stoked to be getting the tattoo, but I'm dreading the pain.
  11. Just got the call that Horitomo is finished with my drawing. Tattooing starts in August.
  12. Just don't let him get your name, a.k.a. the kiss of death.
  13. The best convention around. Only problem with it is there are too many good artists there and it's impossible to get work from all of them!
  14. My wife just started her backpiece. Snake with peonies. I'll post some pics later if she lets me!
  15. I got some not so great tattoos 20 some odd years ago that kind of bum me out now. At the time I thought they were great, but having seen what great tattoos look like I get sad looking at that prime real estate being used up. Now the main thing that bums me out is knowing I'm running out of space with so many artists I've yet to get work from.
  16. I've played hockey the day after getting tattooed. Depends where the work is, and I don't know that I recommend it, but you can get out there pretty quick if you need to.
  17. Just got a couple more sessions from Jason Kundell on my back. I think I'm down to about 5 left, each being about 3 hours. I'll post some pics when it heals up. @ironchef - your piece looks great!
  18. So all you people out there getting large multi-session tattoos (eg. full back pieces) do you tip every session?
  19. I'm lucky in that my wife loves tattoos, and is heavily tattooed herself. I always joke with her that if we get divorced I'm shit outta luck finding anyone else. Though I guess these days there are many more relationships where one partner is heavily tattooed and the other isn't. That being said tattooed women are way hotter!
  20. Ian, tell him to give me a call already... I get to see my drawing from Horitomo next month. Start the tattoo soon thereafter.
  21. Off to PDX tomorrow to get more work on my back from Jason Kundell. He is also going to start my wife's back piece. Then in June I start my front side with Horitomo. Excited and dreading that one...
  22. I wore boxer shorts that I cut on the sides. Not the greatest solution but it worked for me.
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