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  1. i got my arm done in bio mechanical and sometimes people ask what is it should i be offended that they dont know what it is off the back. its normally older people i love tattoos and dont think im going to stop
  2. i got my tattoo on Saturday now its Thursday should i stop using the Aquaphor its not peeling that much its itchy though
  3. oh wow allen never knew that hope all is well though with me
  4. i already washed out my tattoo using the pipe i waited a bit tho till the water was clear enough. hopefully i don't get any germs or bacteria from it. but i did use antibacterial soap
  5. in my apt building i woke up with brown water coming out my tub and sink pipes. the super said let the water drain out. i used the water to clean my tattoo. i waited a hour or so till the water was white again to clean my tattoo what are the chances my tattoo will get infected from the water i used out my bathroom i guess there was a pipe break in my city but i did wait a while before i used it any help. even tho the water was white when i used it i am scared that micro dirt can still infect my new tattoo. sorry for the long story just a germ freak:confused:
  6. if done correctly tiger tats look good
  7. not a fan of bugs no the less sick design
  8. i would love to get a band tattoo but cant make up my mind
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