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  1. Timmy tatts design tattooed by Randi Bachiegga at Jed Hills Tattoo in Ballarat, Australia
  2. Friday the 13th flash tattooed by Arkane Ash at Jed Hills in Ballarat, Australia
  3. Chosen from a 'timmy tatts' sheet and tattooed by Randi Bacchiega at Jed Hills in Ballarat, Australia
  4. i tend to decide i want something new and when that lightbulb sparks in my mind i have no idea what im getting or where its going... i get in the car, go to the shop, point aimlessly at something on a sheet 3rd from the top 7th across and say "that one please" the response is usually "have a seat" and 4 hours later ive got something brilliant i didnt think id have when i woke up that morning.
  5. This is my first post for any if the competitions but here's my Don Nolan battle royale tattooed by Chris Reid in Melbourne Australia Chris operates from a private studio known as "Reid family tattooing"
  6. And the conclusion you've come to slayer? :)
  7. In the past I've used paw paw ointment or bepanthen or similar, I got a little sparrow on my arm a few weeks ago and it's still in the healing process I've done absolutely nothing different this time but my skin pretty much rejected the standard routine and my arm broke out in little red (like pimples) bumps and the scabs were massive on the tattoo Naturally I decided to boycott my usual routine and in a trip down to the health food shop I found a tiny bottle of "miracell" 4 drops of this magic liquid two times a day and the giant scabs fell off and the pimply rash disappeared, I think ill be sticking to this "miracell" in the future Only problem is its $30 aud for the tinyiest little eyedropper and bottle Ill be getting my stomach tattooed in about a month so ill report back with the results on a larger area If anyone is curious the magic ingredients of this "miracell" are.. Apricot kernel oil Sesame oil Coconut oil Avocado oil Jojoba oil Squalane Camellia kissi seed oil Aloe Vera oil Lecithin Vitamins a, d, e Myrrh oil Guess it's just a magic potion of sorts In saying that if anyone can get their hands on some hemp balm I've had miracle results with that in the past as well :)
  8. It was only a matter of time before someone made a George Clooney quote :) I like it :)
  9. Also new here bron, would love to see some of your tattoos mate :)
  10. Dapper Dan

    New Here

    I'm also a newbie here, long time lurker though :) I'd love to see some of your tattoos if you have any :)
  11. These are a few of my most recent, coincidently all happen to be don Nolan designs from back in the 70s Very little if any tweaks to the original designs :) Oldschool is cool :)
  12. Sparrow and Rose designed by Don Nolan in the 1970s, tattooed by Cayleb Reid in 2013
  13. Here is my Battle Royale designed by Don Nolan in the 70s and Tattooed by Chris Reid in 2013 Very little tweaks were made to the original design, Nolans was brilliant enough!
  14. 1970s Don Nolan Peacock Tattooed by Chris Reid in Melbourne Australia Very little tweaks to the 70s design OldSchool is Cool! ;)
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