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  1. damn, that's a badass flash sheet, all three of those things under of the ROA are badass, the dragon/fish/hog the torch too, really a great sheet. I would def get something from Aaron Coleman.
  2. i'm pretty easily recognizing that as a cat head. i like that i'm seeing something a little different too btw...
  3. can't comment on yr particular job too much, though i haven't gone below the elbow since i like to wear short sleeves once in a while coz central texas, hot as shit here and i also ride my bike to work. that first 30mins at work cooling down is a mf'er sometimes ( i do change clothes). if i drove a car with AC then it wouldn't bother me. on the healing, i usually keep saran wrap on my tattoos until they aren't too irritated by clothing rubbing them. maybe 3 days. yeah it sucks with the sweating ooze but whatever, keeps it from scabbing and feels better than a fresh tattoo rubbed by jeans... a few youngsters at work stepped right up and blasted tattoos on their forearms so i guess that is a little opener for me to also, been thinking i might get trevino to blast mine...no rush though..
  4. oh hey, i happen to have in my flickr, a bloody photo of this panther. this was two sessions coz just booking in wherever there was time for chris. all of the outline and most of the black was already done from the first session. snapped this pic heading back to my truck to head home...
  5. don't worry about it. if you're open to giving them some freedom to change it up some or do their interpretation then it will be fine...most likely. also, it sounds like it wouldn't be the best experience if the artist is just trudging through something they aren't really into. and if they aren't into then keep looking or maybe rethink your idea some. i've def had ideas that i decided i wasn't into after a little time.
  6. damn that sylvia snake/rose is awesome. i got tattooed by scott a while back, nice dude, fast and it didn't hurt as much as some...i want him to do my back LOL.
  7. the blunt honesty is a good thing, even if a bit jarring for the recipient. i mean, bad tattoos are for life, might as well tell them if they are getting junk...but then again there are always lasers or just blasting over the stuff... on the other hand, some stuff people just have to figure out.
  8. i think less rules or categories the better, but maybe vote on single point and large scale pieces... also, i always thought it was annoying when people posted their unfinished pieces (backpieces and such...)
  9. i've got a few skulls repeating big catheads too, i'm about to get my fourth i guess...but something on it's head and something in it's mouth and something around it...so different... i said i wanted something else first but them mentioned the cathead thing and he sounded like he preferred to do that so...
  10. whoa, is Tim Lehi in pdx now? when i got tattooed by whitehead he mentioned he was trying to get Lehi to move there, i haven't been following tattoo stuff much lately...might need to travel to pdx.
  11. nothing is perfect, perfection is imperfection or something like that unless it's just terrible, as in looks like the artists had no idea what they were doing then i'd just leave it and appreciate it. i a tattoo i love on my chest that has some blowouts, it just happens. i think that was mainly to do with my skin. sometimes it's also something like a controlled blowout. makes the lines look almost 3d.
  12. been a year since i got a tattoo until the other night. nothing huge or anything just wanted to get one more from this dude before he takes off. my pal is coming to town in a few weeks and i will probably fill my shin up. https://www.instagram.com/p/-AD2tANAlY/?taken-by=cookietruck
  13. had this happen atleast 3 times i think been in perfection usually just bullshitting when there will be a phone call...then dude looks over and says "hey you wanna get tattooed by chris today for about 6 hrs???" everytime i've been low on funds or i'm already getting tattooed, so i say "damn that's tempting...but i gotta hold off this time." then old dude usually goes "....well...FUCK!!, then he looks through the book and starts making calls." pretty funny when it happens.
  14. yeah, gotta admit i kinda love it when people get a good symmetry going like your shins just got...
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