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  1. Nobody worth being tattooed by will laugh you out of their shop, specially not for that tattoo. There are waaaaay worse tattoos out there, trust me. I have worse tattoos than that!! I still think your best bet is to consult with the artist you'd want to cover it...
  2. I think of tattoos more as a hobby than a luxury. A luxury is something I treat myself to when I have time/money/cravings (I'd sell my mother for some chocolate ice cream at the moment.) A hobby is something (IMO) that I find important enough to make time/money for. Yep, my car is a piece of shit. Yes, I'm pretty broke at the moment. But I wanted more tattoos, so I made the effort, cut back on frivolous spending, and got some tattoos. Those tattoos will outlive the new clutch my car needs; I'll still be enjoying them 10 years from now, when I'm doing something totally unrelated to my goals at the moment. Lets face it, life is super unpredictable. I'm gonna do what I enjoy, cause if I have a heart attack and die tomorrow, my tattoos will be in the box with me... my savings account won't.
  3. @ItsNewport that thing fuckin rules! I also saw a snake he did with a tiger pattern that blew my mind, he came to show Josh Arment while I was getting tattooed. Overall I saw some amazing pieces being made, picked up two that I'm super stoked on, and met/was introduced to several really cool people. That being said, I'm not sure I was into this convention that much. It was reeeeeeeally crowded, and the performances weren't really my cup of tea. I'm glad I experienced it, but I don't think I'll go next year unless it's just to get tattooed. A bit too hectic for me!
  4. No worries, I won't hold you responsible haha! Thanks for the heads up, I should have left myself plenty of time then.
  5. I need to know this as well, as i have an appointment for noon tomorrow!
  6. Every username I tried with my name was taken, so in frustration I ended up literally being OutOfIdeas
  7. My appointments are officially booked. Beau Brady on saturday and Josh Arment on sunday. Only a few short weeks to go now!
  8. Goddamn... skip a few days and come back to this thread... You are all real good at this life business!
  9. After my last leg tattoo I couldn't find an Ace bandage anywhere in the UK, so i resorted to tying a bandana around it for work to avoid jeans. It worked, but it looks funny... guess I've given up on being cool as well
  10. I realize I'm a few days late, but i have to say.... This tattoo would make me want a tiger, if I didn't already want a tiger. To me, this is the perfect tiger tattoo. Congrats man.
  11. I've never asked a man for ass pics before, but you know what they say.... ya never know till ya try it :D
  12. I dunno, i saw a tebori piece on someone's kneecap that was 4 years old, and still the brightest, sharpest sky blue I've ever seen. It genuinely looked like it was a month old still.
  13. I think Frith Street has been my favorite place to get tattooed. Physically there wasn't anything that set it above others particularly, but just the feeling and knowledge of the massive talent that has passed through there, and how many world class tattoos have come from there, gave me that special feeling. I would say it would be similar to getting to chuck a ball around at (enter your favorite major sports field) I also got a similar feeling from Blackheart, but didn't get tattooed there (yet) just stopped in and bought a t-shirt. Maybe that is a super fan girlish idea, but whatever, man.
  14. Obviously, at the end of the day it's your call, but reading that my first thought was Wendy Pham. She does such rad tattoos, and lives so far away from you... If i were in your shoes that would be a huge temptation. Then again, i guess you could say the exact same about a lot of names on that list!
  15. I'm pretty much into anything involving Smurfs or urination, so I'm in.
  16. Yep. Never heard of him, but from a quick look at his IG I'm impressed! Definitely gonna keep my eye on that one!
  17. Got confirmation yesterday of my appointment for the London Tattoo Convention on the Saturday, with Beau Brady of Invisible NYC! Stoked.
  18. Here's my how to list @sophistre according to how my first convention in Bristol went. 1. Drive around the train station looking for the correct parking lot. Make at least 4 laps to get a good idea of the layout. 2. Buy ticket, walk in, feel brain explode. 3. Forget to look at the scantily clad women, because you're too busy watching some dude get his ass tattooed. 4. Promise yourself you're limited to small purchases, like shirts. 5. Immediately fail at that promise, and get a tattoo. 6. Go home poorer than you expected, but very happy!
  19. The only one i know off the top of my head is Liberty Tattoo, which is very highly regarded. There are a few locals to that area on here though that can chime in maybe. @beez is from the PNW i think? (Might be totally wrong there.) If you're willing to make the trip to Portland i know of some great shops personally, but i know you have some world class artists in your area!
  20. Please don't be offended, but the easiest way to say this is bluntly. Your best option is to go to a good tattooer, and ask them what they recommend, and then follow their advice. Whoever did that, unfortunately, didn't do the greatest job. If you tell us where you live (maybe you have and i just can't see it on my mobile) someone can probably recommend a much better artist in your area!
  21. Doh. Thanks for reminding me to check the lineup and try and book in with someone @mmikaoj
  22. Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland was a rad experience for me!
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