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    Slick shit to Scum Bag. Live with what I wish I did not have to. Make the best of it all. This is a volatile equation!
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  1. Raised a Catholic. Still consider myself "Christian" in the non-judgemental sense of the word. I look at the question and answer that spending an eternity interacting with and dealing with the shit tattooed to me, is way more pleasant than a year or two of what my current job is. Gotta love people that threaten you with their idea of hell. Unbeknownst that your personal hell just might be having to tolerate that person's presence. Fearsome, Terrifying, and Dreadful are shit I would rather deal with at the moment, or any moment, than Repetitive, Boring, Unrewarding. Looking at my tattoo
  2. Head MotherFucker In Charge is what. I use it for. Actually, I took what he said as a good thing. He conveyed that he thought I did a quality job, and that no one should remember or even care that a salesman, marketer they worked with had tattoos. So two good things, one, the. HMFIC thinks I am worth employing for the foreseeable future, and two, he took no umbrage with what a lot of people in my field still do.
  3. I have had 1,000 plus miles of windshield time with the CEO of my company. I displayed to the HMFIC that I had been tattooed down to my wrist, and his response was, "no one will remember you for that." Awesome compliment from the HMFIC of my company.
  4. *Stroking pretend expert e-peen* I have had four tattoos with white ink, and with all four, my body seems to reject that pigment. I have gone back to get more pigment. I have lots of light blue and some degree of pink on me, and for some reason, they look great healing, and end up looking good. I have fair white to olive skin, I react to sunlight rather well. That said, pure white, my body rejects that pigment. And.. that said, do what makes you most comfy in life. If your career is paramount, don't fuck around and get tattooed if it will be a problem.
  5. This thread should really provide some education on human interaction. I hope to see it referenced in some humanities dissertation. Threads like this also happen to be one of the main reasons I am glad I went to engineering school. People encounter raw/true intellect in the most random of places.
  6. I just want to say, that because of the community at LST.com, and the attitude of the community on this website, I feel emboldened in my tattoo endeavors. I am working on a Super Metroid themed sleeve. I love video games, and I love Super Metroid. I am no where close to the best at the game, nor am I close to being an expert on tattooing. But those common interests have led me to where I am. $4,000.00 plus in tattoos on one arm, and I love every dollar spent, and every minute in the shop! Photos once the arm is done... "Keep on keepin' on" Joe Dirt
  7. My favorite song at the moment. Other favorite bands include Mastodon, Machine Head, Deftones, Rammstein. I never try to get down to the gnat's ass when assigning a genre to a band, which is my explanation for referring to those four bands as "metal"
  8. I have an engineering background and work in marketing and commercialization for a chemical company that deals with the asphalt industry. Since my role requires me to meet and interact with customers, I generally keep all of my tattoos covered at any work event. I had a shoulder cap/half sleeve started in 2009, and if I wore short sleeved polo shirts, part of the tattoo would peek out. I went three ears without a comment from anyone on this, but eventually a customer mentioned it and while the leader of my business unit said that the company has nothing against employees having tattoos, he
  9. The only thing that really irks me is when people ask any iteration of the tired question, "won't you regret that when you are older?" implying that they know how I am going to feel 40-50 years from now, if I even manage to live that long. I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18 and I still like it. After a lot of thought about designs, and finally having enough disposable income to get more, it was nine years before I got my second tattoo. Plenty of time to evaluate whether I wanted more or not. Since smart phones have made replying with a photo easier, I keep this handy to answer any
  10. Sorry for the delay in the photos. I had Nic snap some on Saturday before he got to work on the color. The photos of the color work were taken after I took the cover off and washed all the plasma off my arm. It took Nic about 4 hours to do all the coloring you see in the photos. And here are images from the game itself: For those unfamiliar with the game, the protagonist enter a derelict ship with no power about halfway through. Upon killing Phantoon, the ship's power is restored. I wanted the tattoo to look like the moment when Samus first discovers Phantoon emerging throug
  11. I am currently in a healing phase that would not do justice to the work (tattoo started on Saturday). That said, photos of the line work, and black work (pardon my terminology, not an artist), and shading will be posted before color is added.
  12. Since I was a young lad, I developed a taste for for things people would find often mentioned on a tattoo oriented website. I moved from Olathe, Kansas last year to what I would call my original home state, Minnesota. Having never lived in the Twin Cities until 2012, I was lost as to where to go for good tattoos. After perusing this site, I know I found the right place. I had seen mention of Zach Kinsey at Uptown Tattoo, in Minneapolis, MN more than once, and went to check the shop out. After visiting a couple other shops, I knew Uptown was where I wanted to go, especially after being ref
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