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    Been Tattooing since 2003, From CT. Currently in Chapel Hill, NC. MMI Graduate, Watercolor Painter.
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    Carrboro NC
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    Doom, Beer, Cooking.

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  1. o Wanted to share a fun tattoo I got to do.
  2. I wanted to share a fun tattoo I did
  3. MikeWheeler


    Fox Head
  4. I don't think my work holds a candle to most of the art in this thread, but its worth a shot. Here is a dagger i did on a good friend of mine who loves two stroke motorcycles.
  5. I did this firefly tattoo, Its got a moon in it. So i hope its relevant.
  6. I did this Firefly Tattoo, and it has a moon in it. Figured it was relevant
  7. Hey everybody, I've been lurking on here for a bit and decided i might help contribute what i can. I'd like to thanks the other members on this forum for all the great information I've found. Cheers everybody!
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