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    London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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    tattooer/owner at Kings Cross Tattoo, 185 King's cross Road WC1X 9DB London UK TEL:0207 8374 634
  1. Hand Tattoo

  2. I've started tattooing in '89 in South-America...Today I live in London, Uk and work at Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour with Oliver Macintosh, Rod Medina and Phetrus Xhavad.
  3. Jeezes

    Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour London Uk
  4. Cholo

    Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour
  5. The strong man

  6. Lady head

    Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour London UK
  7. Neck Tattoo skull

    Neck Tattoo
  8. Thanks bro!
  9. Sugar Skull Tattoo
  10. ldn bus

    London Bus Tattoo
  11. skull back piece Tattoo

    Back piece Tattoo
  12. 13 Tattoo

    13 Tattoo
  13. Tempest tattoo

    Tempest tattoo
  14. Rose Tattoo

    Rose Tattoo