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    Fernando A. Santiago 21 Peruvian
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    Miami, FL
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    Graffetero de mierda, collector, artist
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    eagle chest

    eagle tattooed by mike woods at inksmith and rogers beach blvd.
  2. sickoflu


    inksmith and rogers flower. tattoo is more than a few years old. 10+
  3. This one didn't fall asleep, she fell in love. LOL
  4. Japanese monster head Tattooed by Ryan George @ Almost Famous- Miami, FL
  5. Small Sailor Jerry design Tattooed by Roger Valdes @Tattoos by Lou- North Miami Beach
  6. who: Ryan George @ Almost Famous Tattoos - Tattoo & Piercing - Miami, FL | Facebook what: Oni Head when: a few months back, maybe November 2011 why: I gave my friend Steven Vanni a ride to almost famous because he had an appointment with Greg Christian who was in town. I walked into Ryan George getting tattooed by Greg Christian. I had some serious small talk with Ryan, Showed him the machine I bought from my mentor. So stoked on catching a glimpse of a great tattooer tattooing a bad ass design on another great tattooer. I asked Ryan if I could schedule an appointment.
  7. My name is Fernando Santiago. I'm a High school dropout, and work part time as a sandwich artist at a local subway. I'm 20 years old and apprentice under a man named Benjamin Garcia I found a supply company in a neighborhood that didn't require you to work at a tattoo shop. I bought a power supply. a couple months later I was introduced to the man who sold me the power supply. this time not at the supply warehouse but at his tattoo shop... I asked him how much he'd sell me machines for? He asked if I knew how to tattoo? and I said no, but I'd like to learn and hopefully apprentice somewhere. The buddy who introduced us had been apprenticing there for a good 8, 9 months and was eagerly ease dropping. Ben asked him if I was a good guy. My friend said yes, and I got the job. I have booth my legs and thighs covered and 1 tattoo on my tricep(done by my mentor). Good bad and ugly. last year friend introduced me to a tattooer named Ryan George. I've gotten the opportunity to get tattooed by Ryan only 3 times.. most of the other tattoos on my body have been done by amateurs.. some better than others. some Good some bad and some ugly. He told me to quit letting amateurs tattoo me. He said I should take my time and save my money. Do my research, and study. The interviews are great. The tattoo gallery is great. I haven't been stoked about an online forum since 12oz prophet Thank you
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