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Welcome and thanks for joining LST Henry! I like the drawing of the girl and tiger, thanks for sharing.

Until then.....


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Hi Henry it was nice seeing you in SF

looking forward to recieving your new set of flash


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I really dig your paintings--thanks for the link to your site!

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    • It's hard to tell if some ink fell out or if it just looks shiny in the pictures. Worst case scenario, you get a couple lines touched up, no worries. It might not even be noticeable after the color goes in.
    • Just got back from Hong Kong - here's a tattoo photo op with the Bruce Lee statue hehe en joy the awesomeness
    • Though I do like the concept of having earned my tattoos, I feel that way about all of my collection. Some tattooers seem to work in a way that is more painful than others, but it all hurts anyway. So my thinking on it is get tattooed by people who's work you can't live without. With proper after-care and a bit of luck all the work of the pro tattooers we so often discuss here heals well. They may apply it a bit differently from one another, but in the end it's all about the healed image. They know that too and work to make it happen. So if two tattooers inspire you equaly and one is known for their soft touch go for it! Otherwise I figure the process is less important than the final outcome.
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