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Welcome and thanks for joining LST Henry! I like the drawing of the girl and tiger, thanks for sharing.

Until then.....


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Hi Henry it was nice seeing you in SF

looking forward to recieving your new set of flash


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I really dig your paintings--thanks for the link to your site!

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    • The artist will likely stencil it on as mentioned. Tip for you though, check to make sure it's reading properly before they start. They likely won't know Amharic so they won't recognize something missing or backwards or any number of things. They're not translators so don't expect them to catch inconsistencies. That will be your job before they start. Enjoy getting your first tattoo!
    • Unless your tattoo is infected, then there is absolutely no point in using antibiotics. If the shop is so dirty that you have to use antibiotics as a preventive measure to get a clean heal then you might want to re-evaluate where you get tattooed. Antibiotics isn't something you should be taking just for the fun of it. Feel free to do some googling on your own in case you are unaware of this. From the 2 week photo, it looks like there is a thin scab on the entire thing, that needs to flake off. Skin and scabs doesn't flake if it's moist, so that's why I'd recommend that you simply leave your tattoo alone and dry.
    • It shouldnt be more difficult to tattoo than any other design out there. Typically they will take the image you give them and use it as a stencil, so they dont need to actually "understand" the language in order to tattoo it.
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