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    Got my first tattoo at the ripe old age of 54.
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    Music, Motorcycles and my wife (not in that order of course!)
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  1. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Everybody knows what you mean when you call somebody a pussy. It may offend you, but that's life. You never hear a guy whining about somebody calling someone else a dick. ;-)
  2. Thanks. This was not my last trip to Canada?
  3. My brother and I rode our motorcycles from DC to Alaska and back a few weeks ago. We spent a chunk of the time riding across Canada. First of all, the Canadian people are really friendly. I love America, but I'm jealous of that. Second, there wasn't a day that went by that at least one person didn't come up and talk to me about my tattoos. Usually multiple times a day, when we stopped for gas or something to eat. I think my brother (inkless) was starting to get tired of it! Lots of nice people, but I didn't see many people with a lot of tattoos up there, even the people that came up to talk to me. Usually a small tattoo or two. A beautiful country, I encourage everyone to go.
  4. I played at a biker festival over the weekend. There was a guy there tattooing so I went to take a look. OMG, pics of his work loud and proud and people still letting him tattoo them. No pity for anyone that got one of those god-awful tattoos.
  5. @lildropofsunshine - You came on the site and asked a question. No need to argue with everyone you disagree with ;-)
  6. I can't answer that because I don't know. My artist charges different prices depending on whether you book the whole day or just a couple of hours and I don't keep track of appointments. I probably have somewhere around 150 hours at anywhere from $100 - $150 per hour. If asked I just say, I don't know, I don't keep track.
  7. I'm an IT manager with long hair and tattoos. I usually wear jeans and T-shirts, unless I'm meeting with the client. It's funny to meet sales people who think I must be some kind of minimum wage lowlife and then watch their whole attitude change when they run my credit report and find out how much I make.
  8. Only until you get to 50, then 70 is old. Old is the new young!
  9. That is bad-ass!
  10. I went about every 4-6 weeks for 3 1/2 years and finished two sleeves and a back piece. I'm taking some time off. I finished up in September, but am starting to get the itch again. My artist has a three month wait so I'll probably start up again in June. I'm looking at getting tigers on my ribs. OUCH!
  11. +1 "Get a dragon" is the correct answer to any tattoo question. Question: "I have too many dragons, what should I get next?" Answer: "Get another dragon!"
  12. No. My company just merged with a more conservative company. You can tell the people from my company as they mostly wear jeans and casual shirts or t-shirts and the people from the new company wear dress slacks and dress shirts. I had stopped hiding my sleeves at work and rarely even think about it anymore. I've noticed one guy from the new company giving me the stink-eye. As long as he doesn't say anything, I'm going to ignore him.
  13. I downloaded and read part of it. A medical-Toxicological view of tattooing my ass. In the introduction it says 50% of people who get tattoos regret it. I've never seen a number that high. 20% of inks are contaminated, but only 1-5% get infections? In Germany 68% of tattooed people reported complications? My tattoo itches, I'm infected, allergic, having a reaction! Typical of all of these type of articles I've read. Lots of judgment, innuendo and conjecture, few, if any, actual facts. Lots of assertions with little or no basis in fact. I've said it before, with the 10's of millions of people being tattooed and many HEAVILY tattooed, if there was an actual problem, we'd be seeing it.
  14. I would suspect that people get imagery tattooed on themselves all the time that they don't have a full understanding of. Unless the image bothered me I wouldn't have a problem with it.