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i have a question to ask for all the tattooists



I have a shop and i have a apprentice - tattooist he has be come good enough to tattoo and has come to me saying he would like to do other stiles like japanese and old school and seems to be a bit disheartened with his future as he thinks he will be doing lettering and basic stufffor years to come , he is a year in to tattooing and i feel that he should be doing everything that comes to the door,

I have a good reputation in and around my town for japanese and some old school and people come in to the shop for this reason so giving it to my other tattooist some times feels like the public is not getting for what they asked for sometimes.

so ????????

how do you police who gets what in a shop with lots of artists do you ?

lay out each tattooists profiles and the public can choose? ???

or do i take all i want as its my shop lol which can cause friction

im lost on the best way for the business to go about this.


so can any one help me threw this if they have had the same problems or has a better idea to deal with it let me know.


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well, walk in's go in rotation, first in first tattooing etc... if the client wants something that you feel that your guy is not up to speed on that style, you should take him in the back and have a heart to heart, ask him, "you think your ready to tackle that tattoo?", and as a owner you got to be tuff love, it sucks to do whats right and fuckers bounce out on you because they think they deserve better treatment.

I have been around for 20 years, and a lot of owners are letting fuckers tattoo before they are ready, it is just bad business, period.

have him draw and shade out some jap and vintage tattoo art, at lest see if he understands what he is getting in to.

later skater

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Seems to me if he wants to try Japanese tattooing or Traditional tattooing you need to have him design some flash.

He must do a study in Japanese style that is up to your standards and so with the traditional.

Once he gets three maybe four of his best paintings on those styles together put them in his book and let him go at one if a customer chooses him and the design he has created. No orifginal paintngs then his lettering days are stretched out in front of him. It seems unfare to limit him because this is you area of skill. Thats why he wanted to apprentice with you in the first place- no?

Make him work for it. Have him do his first japanese deasin on a friend for free. then teach him along the way. If he's too impatient to learn from his mentor-- then shine him on and get someone else in that chair!

Tattooing is alot like cliff diving practice makes perfect or it kills you!


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