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my first convention



i worked my first convention a few weeks ago and found my self drawn to getting a award loosing sleep over what am i best at and what could impress the judges in the hope mabe i could get close to what realy is a plastic gold painted cup probably costing about £2,50 in local shop . judged by one snake charmer who was there to entertain the public with no tattoos and a man selling tattoo machines which did not look very good and this is being nice lol . and another dude who was a good tattooist to be fair,

what did this teach me? Well in my quest to find one cheap plastic cup i made every line perfect, set up perfect and took my time colouring with perfect care and shading with as much tonal skill as i could muster

going home at night it dawned on me ???

why do i not do this on every fucking tattoo and drawing i approach.

my first tattoo back in the shop was a pair of swallows on the hand my chance to do a perfect tattoo on the person who really deserves my full attention . The customer.

and there was the holy grail of going to my first convention i dont think i will ever want to practice and aim for awards just good tattooing and a few pats on my back from the public i tattoo .


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Maybe you should tattoo for plastic cups instead of money! Haha... Nah... My experience with that type of venue is that there is A LOT of creative energy there.

Congratulations on your first convention man! Which one did you do??? Would you do another one?

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just a local one dude totally agree with the creative energy thing and it has really mad me approach every tattoo with respect and focus. not shure if i have time to anymore at the mo ? were have you attended ?

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I went to one in Denver a few years ago... Couple competitions and stuff, and one here on Guam back in '07 (the only one we've ever had).. I'm sure I'll make it to more. There's one a couple of islands north of here in October. That's the next one.

I recently started at a new shop, it's really improved my focus and stuff working in a new environment with new people.

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