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Modification advice?




I recently got a tattoo of a sketchy prison style cross/judgement scale and want to add some style to it, i have some ideas that you can comment on or if you have any other suggestions PLEASE LET ME KNOW. this is driving me crazy because of my ocd but once i get some ideas ill feel better, hopefully. the first one is my tatt and second is my favorite idea on a cover up so far. its a paint brush style cross with arabic and kanji writing. arabic says positivity and kanji is inner peace. help me out



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Hi Ireside,

i hate to tell you this, but i don't think that this is the best way for your to ask for advice. while there are many great tattooers who are a part of this community, the best way to see about getting this fixed to where you are happy is to research and artist that you like that is in your area, or within a comfortable traveling distance, and ask them in person. you can find a list of LST recommended shops here. also, please be aware that this site has some really opinionated members who are not afraid to give a critique if prompted.

my own personal opinion is this: i think you're trying to do too much with a simple design. you don't need the arabic or the kanji unless it has some sort of personal meaning to you, otherwise visually, it takes away from the design and is confusing. that's just my .02.

anyways, good luck!

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