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The importance of madness

Gloomy Inks


People tell me I'm crazy all the time. My family, band members, friends, well the few friends I have still.

I am crazy too. I'm impulsive, big time, and a little OCD (big O, little c) I think. Whats worse, I don't care if you know I'm crazy. I think crazy is where it's at in fact, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course like most crazy people I don't have a plan. Or when I do, it's insane stuff. "Tattoo my hands, yeah," I thought to myself.

Finding a place to live can be a little rough sometimes.

I think deep down we're all a little crazy, client and artist alike. If you think about it, getting jabbed with a sharp object after paying money for it... it's kinda like BDSM, of course I don't have to put on leather or latex, which is good, because I'm a fat man and my grandmother always gets me cloths for Christmas that wouldn't fit me when I was 6. I think she wants me to look like a sausage in a casing, but I'm not sure, because she's even more out there then I am.

I have a track record of madness that makes me a candidate for the funny farm. Over doses, DUIs, all night drives with sweaty, stinky guys in a van that could serve as mobile vomitorium. My ink to say the least is strange. When I was a kid I wanted to be a pirate of all things, and now I feel like maybe I am. At least the ship's tattooer.

I come by it honestly. Viking stock with a liberal dose of West Tennessee ex-Confederate, bottom land moonshiner loony. I don't even understand art as it stands, just what makes a good tattoo in my mind. Probably why I like Crazy Eddie Funk so much...

In the end when someone says normal to me, in whatever context, I get my back against the wall and start looking for a direction to crab walk in before I get a small knife in the kidneys, liver and lungs, leading me to bleed out into my clothes.

This is an opener. You'll find that this madness will prevail on this blog and suggest you come back often and check up on me. My prognosis isn't and it'll just get worse.

Thank you for reading and light the the carpet on fire alligators.

-Gloomy Gus


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