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Holy Poop! I can read! OR Ed Hardy's book

Gloomy Inks


I've read a whole lot of tattoo history books. Talk about arcane, right? Its true and I've found a few good ones as well. First person accounts are always the best. Sure you can get more then a little BS in there. But you can BS anywhere.

So, since you're reading my BS, I'll tell you about this here Wear Your Dreams, by some little fella named ED Hardy.

Really though, all joking aside, between my normal chaos, my tatooing (which I been doing more of) & drawng I read this. Not only did I do that, but I did a digital download. (ooH. aaH.)

My fiance was beaming, like mother watching her son try to stab his eye out with a spoon, "Oh Gus. You may make it to the 21st century one day."

"Not likely," I muttered.

So Hardy can weave a tale, and an interesting, fast paced one too. Besides the artsy (what do I know about lithography? Nothin'. But you never know...) and a few things left out that only I would have cared to read, I enjoyed the damned thing. Envisioning car seat covers and all, I found myself laughing .

You might too. My sense of humor can be dark, so maybe not at the same things.

Since we all know that Sparrow and Collins show up it was interesting to get an art school perspective on a few of the old timers. Painless Nel and Old Doc Webb are mentioned, along with a roll call, a host, a cavalcade of names. You got Doc, yer Zeke, yer Rollo, Shanghai Kate, Chuck Eldridge, a whole mess of criminals, weirdos, and Thom DeVita.

Just like any tattoo bio, there are loves and hates, dislikes, and all sorts of madness. This was no different but it had pictures too! Some... in color.

I'm on the fence, which is giving me terrible pain in my ass neck, as to if this book is the GREATEST TATTOO BIO OF ALL TIME, I can say that it was a fun read and the mention of Ray Pettibone warmed the cockels of this crazy old punk's heart. I also thought of Black Flag and Ed Hardy occupying the same space (not a place per se, but a "plane") and then my brain started hurting because I had no cigarettes or coffee.

So yes, for the Zeke Owen stories alone, buy this book. Or steal it. I'd figure with all the shoes they won't miss one or two. I'M JOKING! DON'T STEAL. We must keep Mr. Hardy insweaters.

Ug. These typos. This phone. Oy vey!


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