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RocketMan's goings on with life and what-not.



Hi everyone this is my Blog. :)

I guess I should start by saying that I will use this to tell you about my Classic car and my Tattoos and what ever else is going on.

Well then on my classic car. Its a 1979 ford Thunderbird heritage edition. I have done a few mods and have plans for many more LOL.


So far to the car I have:

-changed the vinyl top.

-changed the exhaust to true duels.

-put in lower gears for the rear end.

-major tune up.

-fixed things to keep me on the road cruising.:cool:

Hmm well now that my Cruiser is covered, How about my horses? Rocket and Rohan are their names and they are piles of fun to watch, ride and take care of.




These two boys were both ex-race horses. Rocket had won 27 races total in his career. In the higher level of racing he did not have enough endurance to stay in the lead and slowly developed a disliking to losing and gave up heart to race.

Rohan on the other hand, did not even go at his first race ending his career right there. LOL lazy bones should have been his name. But man when they want to Gallop can they ever move! :)

My wife and I did all the renovations to make the stable, as well as put in all the fencing to keep these boys in.

Lets see I do like taking photos of owls and here are a few of the ones I have taken.

This also is our little dog who only challenged the horses two times. Since then hes stayed clear of them due to his almost death and our yelling at him to RUN!!



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Hey Lochlan. Yes I did find Kyles blog on birds. The snowy owl I had spotted while trying to catch the ferry home from my in-laws, was on top of a hydro pole. I stopped the car and got my camera out and took a few pictures. I decided to try to get closer to get a better pic as I don't have a great zoom lens yet. Went I got closer to the owl it decided to keep its distance by flying to the next pole and that pic was of the owl landing. I have a few of the owl in flight. The Owl that is in the big tree is a hawk owl. I could see it really well with my binoculars but as I said my zoom lens is not that great. The other 2 are of a Great Horned owl. 2 different ones at that but both are at the Toronto Zoo. The on in the cage stays there. The one on the step is part of their show called just winging it. Its a show about different birds with the trainers. That one in the show had, had an eye injury but still loved to preform. I just added 2 more Snowy owl pics I took from a few years back.

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I love the pictures of your horses!! i think its so awesome that you own them! i used to ride alot, about 8 years ago i was a stable hand and i worked for lessons. i hated that i lived so far away from farm country as a kid! I just think they are such amazing animals!

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Thanks AlannaCA. They are good boys that's for sure. I am not that great of a rider, my wife has been teaching me. She wants me to get professional lessons I guess I will see in the spring. I do love to watch them, be themselves out in the paddock and pasture, its very relaxing. That is why I hate living in big cities, there is no place to actually relax, kick back and enjoy nature. Night time in the country is amazing too as the sky lights up with meteor showers on occasion, the stars and the moon.

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