James Buie and Richard Stell at Elm Street Tattoo - Dallas- July 26-31

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the talented Richard Stell will be tattoo along with (my dude!) James Buie of Inksmith and Rogers tattoo will be holding down the first at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas this week.

If you don't know Richard or James and you're in the area you should stop by for some awesome art! They will be doing walk ins all week. I'm not sure if they are accepting appointments but you can contact the shop by calling (214) 653-1392 but it's probably best to just stop by and see them. The shop is located in the deep vellum neighbourhood at 2811 Elm Street.

Here's an example of a Richard tattoo


and here's one by James


p.s. i'm not sure if Richard's lady still posts here but Jen if you do maybe you can give some more info on Richard's availability

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Hola Chica... Well, we are at Saints and Sinners in Dallas, until Friday it looks like, then were down in Deep Ellum, at Elm Street thru Saturday nite, maybe Sunday if it's booked... and yeah you got it bout covered, just message us, he's had an assload of cancelations, which sucks... But he's open if anyone is interested.

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