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Greetings & Salutations!

Lala Blackheart

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Hi! I'm Lala (Lauri), and I'm Apprenticing at Internal Instincts Tattoo Studio in El Sobrante, CA. I've been there just over a year and started tattooing (friends and a few walk-in's) in the shop about 6 months ago. I am lucky enough to be learning from two amazing artists with a huge & diverse amount of experience & knowledge to share.

I first joined LST Forum in July, 2011, just before plans for my September 10th wedding picked up. I found myself having to focus only on wedding stuff when I was not at the shop, until tonite, when I was looking at some reviews of machines and saw the "Spaulding-Rogers" posts here. I forgot that I really liked this site, the philosophy/mission and the vibe of it. Good stuff!

I live on the quaint island of Alameda, just outside of SF, an area rich in amazing tattooers and tattoo history; a continual reminder of my small place in this industry and how hard I have to work to make any sort of a mark as a tattooer here.

Tattoos have been something of an obsession of mine since the day, shortly after my birth, that my (already tattooed) Papa came home with my name in a heart on his left bicep. As soon as I was old enough to understand what it was, I loved it and I loved what is proclaimed to the world - I was so proud of that tattoo!

I'm into vintage & old school tattoo flash, pin-ups, drawing, tattooing & tattoo history, music, traveling. I'm trying to improve my lettering constantly. When I'm not drawing or cleaning the shop. I'm a gypsy/burlesque dancer/costumier/knitting fool/bibliophile. I love my dog & cat & most of all, my handsome new husband. :)

Looking forward to great discussions and learning more about the online, local & global tattoo communities. Glad to be here, hope to make some friends & enjoy the forum!


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