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Hi! Great place you got here!


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Been searching for quite awhile now a cool place to hang out and talk about tattoos with others as enthusiastic as I am as well as intelligent and I have to say without a doubt I found the place here. :)

Got my first tattoo about a year ago after researching artists for a few years and finding an amazing female tattooer extremely close to where I live and am in the process of doing sleeves with her.

I'm strange in that I'm a geek getting tattooed my first tattoo was actually the Rohan banner from Lord of the Rings which turned into a half sleeve of Eowyn fighting the Witch King alongside it. I also have Haku from 'Spirited Away' on my right arm. Now I'm in the process of getting full sleeves and getting foo dog/lions pair on my forearms and getting them colored at the moment.

Unfortunately I can't share the images of the tattoos at the moment since my primary computer is out of commission. I have a facebook gallery. The forearms I got recently are mainly outlines with black shading on the right forearm. but I don't currently have images of that since taking pictures of your forearm is not easy and my husband isn't very good at helping with that.

I'm by far as new as it comes though but thanks to the wonders of the internet and great sites like: tattoosnob.com and my tattoo artist I've grown to really love learning everything I can about Tattooing and the industry just because I have a great respect for the art and craft. I also happen to really enjoy getting tattooed.

Hope to contribute to this wonderful community you have here.

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