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That Bird is Awesome! What the heck is it possible that the bird makes a penis shaped ejeculate mark on the coffee table??

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LOL Shitty Jobs. But it is true if we take all of those jobs and send them out of the country that leaves so many people without jobs to support their families. Thus leaving the economy in a deeper state of ruin.

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    • My Dad went into the Marines at the end of WWII - this is him in July 1946, just scored as high shooter in his training platoon at Parris Island. His tattoo was a killer skull with a snake intertwined in the eyes and mouth. I wish I could show him mine now - he died in 1997 while I was commanding a battalion in Bosnia - but he was my incentive to finally do it. I'm still looking for that rifle - serial number 2860035. I've come close to it and have several M1 Garands in my collection. I know that he would have never considered putting something on him that reflected an image of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, North Korea or China. Still, he loved the oriental and German cultures and visited Asia and Europe many times over the years before he died.  
    • Her style is basically just realistic, with a botanical direction. Any good realism artist should be able to reproduce whatever green object you wanted to choose or bring with you. 
    • I think it could be that our psyche was more focused on projecting our own images of strength and patriotism. Flags, eagles, battle ships, tanks, crossed infantry rifles - few people then would have ever considered putting on something that reflected the enemy we were fighting, the enemy our Nation was totally committed to defeat. I think that's why I love my eagle so much - it reflects the strength of our country - the one I served and love. Not perfect but mine. May be it's just me - the old retired Army guy - but images and emotions still matter to me. Or maybe I'm just having one of those introspective days.
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