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    • It's not NYC...it's flying!
    • Welcome!  In these times (and I don't mean Covid related times) it's pretty common to have to wait and patiently pursue the artist of your dreams - assuming you're stuck on just one artist. I actually waited almost 2 years to get to sit down in front of a particularly busy guy. Throwing down extra cash might work with some and piss off others. Working with personalities is always a gamble . . .  What style of tattoo are you desiring? $1000 will buy you traveling options . . . 
    • I am ready!  Really just focused on design and finding the right artist... seems like the best ones that focus on the style I like all have their books closed.  I would happily pay a premium fee to use one of these artists... considering the fact that this thing will be on my body for rest of my life, something like a $1k "bonus" to the artist seems like a no brainer to find the most talented.  Any ideas how to broach that subject?
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