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Hey all-

My name is Brad. I am 33 years old, happily married and the father of three. (2 year old twin boy and girl and last week a new baby girl) Spend most of my time working or hanging out with the family. Out side of that, I like firearms, craft beer, and sport bikes.

But the reason I am here.

Tattoos !!!

Not so much the ones I have but the plans I have for the rest of my skin.

In late October I put a deposite down to start work on a half sleve going onto my chest (also a dual cover-up). First session is Jan. 3rd 2013.

I am super exiceted. The wait is killing me, wich has lead me to trying to plan out the rest of my body and resarching future projects. I have been lurking around the site most of November an decided to join up so I can start asking my own questions.

It seems like you all have built a respectable place to hang out here on the good ol interwebz... and I hope I can contribute.



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Thanks for the welcomes.

What are you planning on getting? And who is the artist?

The work I have booked in January is with the artist Ryan Dearringer.

I guess it would be classified as border line new school. It is an illisutrative concept piece, that is trying to capture a man made fish pond next to a municiple building and a train station I used to visit as a kid. The only real stipulaitons I put around the idea were three fish combined with elements of industry. Like train parts, brick, etc... Kind of a nature vs industry type of thing.

It will be rendered somewhat realistic as aposed to the cartoonish new school stuff I really do not care for.

That is going to start just above my elbow and run part way onto my chest.

After that is finished I have a few other ideas:

I really want a skull of some sort done in black and grey. Thinking ribs.

I am also really digging traditonal tigers and eagles. Not sure how to incorperate this into everthing else which is really non traditonal. Lower leg sleeve maybe?

My back also has some cover up needed but I want to think long and hard before I start taking up that realestate again. The piece I have there now is pretty light grey, so I do not think a laser will be neassary. But I will consult an artist later on once I get to that point.

I am open to sugestions... especailly on how to combine serveral styles and not look odd.

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