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Newbie here!!


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Hi everyone, I'm Rory. I'm planning on getting my first big tattoo in the next couple of months - I have a consultation with an awesome tattoo artist next week, and I am very excited. I have been thinking about this for a couple of years and I have finally decided to go for it (I have a smaller tattoo I got 12 years ago, and it has held up really nicely - I still love it!). I will be doing a tree/branches silhouette on the left side of my back, from the ribs/waist up the left shoulder-blade. I found some inspiration online, but if any of you have any photos I would love to see more!! I know that when it comes to tattoos, realism doesn't always hold up well, but since I am planning to do all black, I am hoping it will be fine. I would like it to be as photographic as possible (if that makes any sense to you).

Anyway, advice is definitely welcome!!

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I find that using realistic subject structure as the foundation works best but then to adjust shapes and movements to fit the body better. the Body, to me and my style, is as much part of the art as the design.

maybe you could put up a link of this artist and get some opinions on his work and understanding of large design composition.

Congrats on taking the big step into large work.

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