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Looking for a full time artist to join us in Savannah GA

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Our buddy Dave is moving back to Wisconsin in a week, so we have a full time position opening up here at Ghost Town Tattoo. We're looking for someone with a good attitude, solid portfolio and a good rep. The shop is a custom street shop located in the heart of Downtown. Savannah College of art and design is here downtown. Plenty of tourists, and a few military bases in the area, oceanfront 20 minutes away. . . Good location.

You can check out our shit at Ghost Town Tattoo - Home

or on f.b.

Give me a call if you are into it. (912)695-7882

Or send a email to boomboxone@hotmail.com



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Yo, just wanted to add to this a bit, yep, still looking for a quality tattooer to work with us. Also, if anyone is looking to guest, we are going to be short an artist the weekend of July 4th. By short I mean it will just be me and I am sure that it will be a busy weekend. Help a brother out! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Chuck

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I recently opened Banthalope Tattoo in Edgewood, N.M. Looking to hire a quality tattooer with a positive attitude. Edgewood is a quiet mountain town about 30 min East of Albuquerque. Good location, corner spot right on Old Rt. 66, the shop is setup as a tattoo shop/workshop with big tables and a vinyl plotter. Plenty of room for activities. I also have a metal shop with a cnc plasma table, so.. this would be a good fit for an artist who enjoys making things. It would be a good place for someone who wants to put roots down and live close to a big city, but prefers how peaceful things are out in the country. @banthalopestudios on ig. Contact: banthalope@gmail.com and check out www.banthalopestudios.com 







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Its been a long time since i've been active on the forum. I still need to figure out how to up date which shop I now own. It was a late night post, and for some reason I thought I was replying to Corey Steverson. My bad. This morning I realized.
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