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  1. The shop I am currently working at is soon to have a spot open. It is a very high traffic shop. So, there will be plenty of walk-ins and you will build a strong client base. Send me a message or email me at steverson.corey@yahoo.com if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  2. Hey man, thanks for the likes. I dig your work. Beautiful. Keep in touch, ya hear?

  3. @BrookR70 Generally, when I see tattooers I know of posting on craigslist purley for free advertising it's never anyone I've thought as a good artist. However, I have come across some credible tattooers looking to barter for specific things, I feel like doing that is completely acceptable rather than using it as an advertisement tool. (Ex.) Trying to put it out there that you are looking for an antique end table and are willing to do some tattooing for it is way different than throwing out "weekly deals" for your shop on craigslist. It cheapens you, your shop, and even your employees. I speak from experience on that one. Basically, I think it's an easy way to barter, save some money, and tattoo for the item you're looking for but If I were to use it even to barter I wouldn't put any of my shop info on the listing but just a personal contact. I'm definitely against people trying to use it just for free advertisement.
  4. I try my damndest to not pre judge people who get poorly done tattoos. People make mistakes and are hasty to make decisions. It happens. I tend to judge them after talking to them about their tattoos. A good bit of people that come in the shop realize that they have made a mistake and are here to correct it or at least ask for advice. The larger percentage of people, when it comes to kitchen work, would rather brag about how it only cost 20 bucks and a blunt wrap. to those people I don't hold back on how I feel about them or what ever it is they consider to be a tattoo. It's just disheartening. I'm not much of anybody but I can do a nice tattoo and I worked hard as hell to get here. Most of all I care about what I do. I like waiting in line at the grocery store and see a completely bad ass tattoo on the person in front of me. So, like I said I try not to pre judge people with bad tattoos but it's pretty damn difficult when I meet people everyday that are proud of the garbage they have. You can usually spot that type of person before they even start speaking. So, I guess I am prejudice of people who get garbage tattoos but only if I know they don't regret the mistake that they don't think they made.
  5. Thanks man I appreciate it! @Rob I - - - Updated - - - @hogg Thanks! It's from a flash sheet I painted a while back, I glad you like it!
  6. These are awesome! They make me hungry though.
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10476[/ATTACH] I figured I would throw this out there. I did this a little while back and thought it was a pretty fun one! Thanks for the opportunity! I hope I posted this picture right haha
  8. Are you interested in a guest artist? I'm thinking of relocating from Jax but I want to test the waters a bit before I make a decision where. You can view my work on here or https://www.facebook.com/corey.steverson.9 and @cs_tattoo on ig Contact: steverson.corey@yahoo.com or 770)547-7498
  9. @CultExciter Thanks! I appreciate it! - - - Updated - - - I can't imagine getting better advice than that! @irezumi
  10. So, I managed to get photos uploaded. if anyone wants, feel free to check them out! like I said I am really looking to do some traveling so any tips, hints , or recommendations let me know!
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