Hello from down under!

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Hey guys I came across this forum today and it looked great so I decided to join! I've just turned 18 and I'm from Adelaide, South Australia. I got my first tattoo when I was 17 in Miami by a guy named Kiki at a shop called Tattoos by Lou in South Beach. I got a realistic lion done on my upper right arm and am thrilled with it! While I'm here if you guys have any suggestions as to what I can add to it that would be great! I want to go up onto my shoulder and upper chest and back not down my arm any further. thanks guys and I'm looking forward to joining this community!

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    • it's not as bold in the linework and saturation as I would want,but it's not a bad tattoo.
    • no,it won't harm it in that short time while moving,the sun really won't hurt the tattoo at all, the main thing is it hurts to be in the sun is all. but it doesn't really damage the tattoo,I wouldn't sit and sun tan for hours LOL you'll be fine with shorts on.
    • Just after some professional feedback and constructive criticism. Taking into account it's still a bit raw being fresh
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