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  1. That is an awesome piece. Congratulations!
  2. Mark Bee

    Can't Hardly Wait!

    Each time I get a new tattoo I walk out of the shop feeling a little ragged, thinking, I love this, but I'll wait a few months before going back. By dawn the next day I'm thinking about heading right back down for more. My partner just shakes her head at me. "Addict" she says with a smile. How can something so painful be so compelling? I had a consultation at The Pearl a few weeks ago and we mapped out my right forearm. When we booked the date I was disappointed that I was going to have to wait until late March. While I would have liked to start immediately, its good news for Tim that he is so busy. I realize my perspective is a little selfish, so I want to acknowledge that I am actually very happy to be in such capable and talented hands and the wait is really not a big deal. I am interested in how much attention my brain pays to the upcoming sessions. I think about it throughout the day, mulling over new ideas, looking for inspiration, posting in forums, and reading on and offline. I do manage to get my own work done, I don't neglect my partner (she is hugely supportive - I'm an incredible fortunate guy), so I'm not suggesting that I am so obsessed that things get missed in other aspects of my life. The feeling I get thinking about an upcoming tattoo is similar to the feelings I had as a child in the week before Christmas. Sometimes its an almost giddy excitement about what lies ahead. I like the entire experience. From walking into the shop and being hit by the smell of disinfectant, to signing the waver, to hearing the buzz of the machine, the entire experience is electric. And at the end I'll have a new tattoo to love.
  3. This has got to be one of my favourite sleeves here at LST .
  4. Mark Bee

    Tattoo Community?

    This ain't a very busy forum any more. It used to be a very busy place.
  5. Mark Bee

    Veteran LST users unite!

    Why not ask to be a moderator?
  6. Mark Bee

    font size

    I don't think he's coming back.
  7. Its looking good for us - heading down the 401 to Montreal.
  8. Mark Bee

    font size

    I like the lettering - but make sure its not upside down!
  9. Mark Bee


    I think you'll find many people here advocate a dry heal. I've been dry healing for years - never bothered with creams and ointments. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, so I try to leave it alone to heal. That's just me though. Each to their own.
  10. Mark Bee

    tattoos of hands

    I always liked this Higgs hand too - Done by Tim Pausinger at The Pearl in Toronto:
  11. I remember watching this go down. That was quite something.
  12. Mark Bee

    tattoos of hands

    @marleymission Yours too. We both got in with some great artists.
  13. Mark Bee

    tattoos of hands

    Here is the Hand of Glory Chad K did for me a few years ago:
  14. Mark Bee

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    That's a pretty great 1st tattoo. Congrats!
  15. Mark Bee

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    @Devious6 That sounds just about perfect. I am a blueberry fiend. I must have them every day. Great pic, too.
  16. The tattooing on the knees wasn't that bad for me either - they did swell up like balloons though!
  17. Mark Bee

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Yup. Dan nailed it. The sleeve is spectacular.
  18. Mark Bee

    Pagoda City Tattoo Fest 2016

    That is disappointing. I hope something good comes your way.
  19. I really didn't enjoy having the nipple hit. It full on sucked. Props to those who go for it though.
  20. Mark Bee

    Canadians, eh?

    Glad you enjoyed the trip. Come back soon!
  21. Mark Bee

    Thighs Thighs Thighs!!!

    @El DolmagoThis is one of my all time favourites in your collection.
  22. Mark Bee

    Thighs Thighs Thighs!!!

    @mtlsamI heard that most of their machines and equipment survived, but I don't really know much at this point. What a shame - it was a very cool shop. Still, they will rebuild and it will be awesome again.
  23. Mark Bee

    Thighs Thighs Thighs!!!

    I had this one done by Tammy Kim at the Okey Doke in Toronto -- Terrible news about the fire that closed their shop this week.
  24. Mark Bee

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I love Dan Innis' work sooo much, @El Dolmago Your sleeve is looking amazing.