Hi from the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts !

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I'm Stephany and like all of you here have a huge appreciation for good tattoos. It's my first time joining any forum, this one was just too awesome to pass up !

All of you have inspired me to chase good artists around for tattoos. I have an appointment booked with Paul Dobleman in April and will post pics when it is done ! I know I'll learn a lot and see a bunch of good work here :D

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Hey Stephany, welcome to the forum and it's awesome that you're getting tattooed by Paul Dobleman. Can't wait to see what you get. Since you're in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts, I would also highly recommend into looking into getting tattooed by Ron Henry Wells who guests frequently at Congress St Tattoo in Portsmouth NH and Broad Street Tattoo in Bridgewater, Mass. There's an interview with him that just went up here and he's tattooed a lot of people on the board because he's one hell of a tattooer and an all-around great dude.

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Oh yes, I've been meaning to visit Congress St since it's a lot closer to where I'm located. I will definitely look into it thanks for the suggestion !

Work is already going by faster since I've browsing around the forum. I like it here :p

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