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    Painting, volleyball, outer space, aliens, psychedelia, and a good book
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    I make sure old folks don't fall and hurt themselves.
  1. @eisen777 He is a great guy, super funny, it was a great experience overall. Thanks !
  2. Andrew Stortz, done at Congress St in Portsmouth, NH Took this photo from his instagram :D
  3. An original mandala of mine. Tattooed by Zafera Kambouris in Ashland, MA
  4. Saw this on instagram, fucking awesome ! Love all of Iain's work.
  5. My two-headed raven ! inner bicep Zafera Kambouris. Ashland, MA
  6. Oh yes, I've been meaning to visit Congress St since it's a lot closer to where I'm located. I will definitely look into it thanks for the suggestion ! Work is already going by faster since I've browsing around the forum. I like it here :p
  7. I'm Stephany and like all of you here have a huge appreciation for good tattoos. It's my first time joining any forum, this one was just too awesome to pass up ! All of you have inspired me to chase good artists around for tattoos. I have an appointment booked with Paul Dobleman in April and will post pics when it is done ! I know I'll learn a lot and see a bunch of good work here :D
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