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Howdy :)


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I'm Wavey. From the UK. I've got 3 tattoos at the minute. two small ones on my leg, only got my first decent sized piece, on my forearm, last week, so going going through the healy peely process lol.

Been lurking on this site for a little bit and decided to join, to soak up ideas for more ink :)


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A colourful piece by Joe Frost. It's based on a tapestry I love, and is of an angel with fiery wings rescuing a woman from the jaws of a serpent. (!!) I will do a link to a picture of it but it might not appear; last time I linked to instagram I got automoderated. What about you?

- - - Updated - - -


here it is! It took 8 hours at the scottish tattoo convention.

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Ha! Me too. I had my elbow tattooed a couple of days ago and I got "swellbow." Its down now, but it was a sight.

Oh I bet it's fun having a tattoo on a joint, having to bend and all

Ahhh! I love the cabbage leaves :)

They work wonders! :)

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