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Hello, I posted this on the introduction page but thought it might get some new insight here. I am looking for an artist that can best replicate the style of the picture below. To be clear, I am not looking to replicate the tattoo, just capture a similar scene, and I just love the detail, shading, and emotion that is captured in this piece. Does anyone know who the artist is? I have been unable to locate the origins. Anyway, I am located in NJ, and am looking for guidance on who could nail this.

I have gotten some good advice so far from bigjoe, and I truly appreciate anymore suggestions...I would like to keep it within driving distance if possible. I have reached out to numerous tattooers throughout the country to caesartattoo, stefano, weatherholtz, tim kern, darwin enriquez, chris adamek, etc, but have not heard back from any of them yet. I did hear back from Oly Anger, Matt Lukesh, Randy Prause, and the guys down at Deep Six. Would anyone have any reservations about these artists, and also, when I contacted Deep Six, they seemed to think Tom Taylor would be the best fit for this piece. Anyone familiar with his work? His portfolio looks good, but not as much grey/black as Anger. I want to make sure I make the best decision possible, and it seems like I can't make a decision at all! Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance!


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Dude..I think the thing your doing wrong is e-mailing well known tattooers who are most likely booked up for awhile.I would call the shop,or go there in person,and try to get a consultation.

If it was me,I would go with Oly,Wes Schultz,or Paul Marino.Here's some of his work..


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    • The lost art of communication. Unless your artist is on this forum and you think they will recognize you and remove your name, you'll need to make a phone call.  I'm curious why your first thought is to post a question on a forum rather than pick up the phone. Has your artist given you some reason to think they will be unreasonable about your request to not use your name?
    • that’s exactly what i needed to hear thank you so much. i overanalyse absolutely everything. i did the same thing with my first tattoo which is a LOT bigger and more complicated (three solid black bands on my arm) and even since posting this i’ve calmed down a bit. i think i took too long staring at it last night and this morning and just completely freaked myself out. thank you again
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