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Hello, Last Sparrow. I've finally decided to join you.

I guess I heard about you guys from being linked to your artist interviews from TAM blog interviews. So far I think that this is a pretty rad forum, and seems to be lacking a lot of the nonsense and fluff that saturates a lot of other tattoo forums.

I also think it's really cool that technical secret spilling is discouraged here. More attention to focus on the actual quality of art, rather than who thinks they know what. But! Forgive me for not thoroughly looking, but is there a section for critique? I'm a novice who has confidence in their potential for great tattooing, but I also feel that I have a really long way to go before that becomes part of my reality. I think one of the biggest obstacles in my progression is that I don't often get to make art in the company of other artists and don't really have a lot of people who are available to give solid and honest feedback. There are a lot of people posting here who I look up to, so I'm pretty stoked to be able to dive into the community here.

I live and work in Oakland, California. I would choose no other place to be at this point in my life, it's probably one of the state's best kept secrets. Also, the caliber of tattooing that is present in the area is both astounding and overwhelming. I often find myself comparing my work to those who have been at this for (usually) 5 times longer than I have, and I still haven't made up my mind as to whether that's a good habit or a bad habit.

Anyway, hello, nice to meet you all.

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