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  1. Thanks Graeme. I do agree that this community is pretty unique and I can not wait to be a bigger part of it. So far I have enjoyed my stay and am looking forward to being on here more:)
  2. Hello nice to meet you. I like the laughing wolf a lot. That is cool that it was designed by your daughter, it means more when you can have someone you know personally design it for you. How old is your daughter? See you around.
  3. Well she should have to cover it up when she is in a school like that. I mean tattoos for me are art, but I sure as heck would not want my child to be looking at penis when she comes in. Have some respect for others. Fine if you are in a bar or something and do not cover it up, but at school, kids should not see this.
  4. Exactly. The plot just stinks all around. It really surprises me that it comes from Anne Rice. I have liked the books that I have read from her so far. Do since I liked the whole 50 shades series, anyone have any books that are similar to this, that are NOT like The Sleeping Beauty series?
  5. Awe those crazy hipsters. My fav is the one in the pink leopard pants, lol. And let me tell you the pink jumpsuit was classic as well.
  6. Weird tattoos are what makes then so unusual. I would love to have a tattoo that no one else ever got, you know this may be why some of these people are going all strange and weird. Do you honestly think that anyone else would have a tiger that is talking on a mic standing on a skull? Most likely not.
  7. I agree with you. I believe that maybe he should not be able to tattoo anymore. This is BS that he is doing this to woman, how can he get away with it?
  8. He looks pretty proud though of that Indian Head. He is such a little punk to me, I never have liked him and not matter how hard he tries with his tattoos, he will never be popular in my eyes.
  9. You know this is something that many may not think of. I know that I would not have thought about it. It does make perfect sense to me. I am a hand shover in my pockets, so this is something that I would really have to watch out for. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Call me boring but I stick with Bud light. I also like Coors light too. People around here drink Busch lite like it is going out out style but to me that tastes like goat pee (not that I know what that tastes like, haha). I can drink Bud light Lime but only one at a time.
  11. Yes that is what I thought. Have you read the series? There are 2 others in this series but I am not so sure that I want to read them. I loved 50 shades , all of them but this book may be too much for me. The Prince is a jerk, and you are right about the graphics. I do not mind a book being graphic but it was not really what I expected.
  12. Very noble of you Eskimette. I agree with you that you are not too judge. I know that my sister does not agree with the cat paw prints I have going up my leg, but if you are not a cat person you just do not get it. As long as the person who is getting the tat likes it, that is all that matters.
  13. LOL this so sounds like me. My life is not full at all. I like to think that it is, but I know that others are like really who cares. I do not have an account on instagram but if I did, you can be that I would so post pics of my fur babies :)
  14. I can not stand Bieber at all. So I am not really sure if that is why I do not much care for his tattoos just because it is him? Anyone else feel that way?
  15. Well at least the artist realized what went down and was honest about it. He could have just let it go and said hey you said it was correct. But that is pretty bad when you have others look at it and no one notices it.
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