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Video: larger piece getting treated

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Here's another video that was made a few weeks ago of a client who has a larger, unfinished piece on the inside of his calf. This is in real-time, and he's a champ for sitting still through the whole thing and not needing a break.

The white frosting is the water in the skin vaporizing, it does disappear after 5-10 minutes. Also, the reason you see me jumping around to different parts of the tattoo is to help distribute the heat, let heat disperse from the body.

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Thanks for sharing. Any ideal how many treatments it would take to cover that piece up?

I'm asking this mainly because i thinking of getting one laser and it's similar to the one shown in your video. 8636389175_b3b6dbd810_z.jpg

I'm thinking of laser of the girl piece. I've not finished getting myself tattooed so it will be about year until i decided to laser it off.

Any advice would be great thanks.

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@opal fruits, everyone is different, we give a blanket statement of 2-5 treatments, but this depends on how well the pigment fades but also what will be covering the old tattoos.

The above client is scheduled to come in for a second treatment this Friday evening, I can PM you before / after photos if you'd like to see his progress.

With regards to your tattoo, all the greywash will fade pretty evenly and fast, whereas my client was much more solid black work so it may take a little longer and be somewhat patchy depending how the artist did the work. Again I won't know till I see him for his second treatment.

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