My feet coverup

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What I had on my feet before was done in 2005 and they didn't turn out anything like I'd planned. I was up getting some other work done and asked the artist about my feet. He said he could cover them and that a modified peony would work well, in glowy colors. I had it done a week ago yesterday. The picture is from right after it was done, so there's some nice swelling...not near as super duper nice as by the time I got home. Big ole Bam Bam feet by then! It took 4 hours. Sucked. My husband insists I'm the tattoo beast tho for sitting thru it, reading my book and playing on the internet, so that makes me feel tough haha!

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Thank you! Most of the scabs are off now and it's showing lots of new skin...and I can really see what's underneath it now so I'm kinda bummed. But maybe I just can see it so easily b/c I know it's there. I hope that's the case.

DM is just a couple hours away from us-small world!

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