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Hi all! My name is J. I have 3 small tattoos and I'd love to get a few more. I'd like to post my current pieces on here at some point. I just love tattoos and art. Glad to be on this site! Can't wait to see/talk about tattoos with fellow enthusiasts :)

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In the meantime, I do have a quick question. If you have a tattoo in a spot that is frequently rubbed by clothing, is there a way to cover it up while it heals so it isn't "rubbed" off? How about a tattoo around your waistband? Can you cover is with bandaging or clear wrap for a few weeks while it heals? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks all!

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Welcome J, we'd love to see pictures of your tattoos.

As for your question, you need to let your tattoos breathe for them to heal. We have a thread about rewrapping tattoos here, and I rewrap mine, but really only for the first 24-36 hours while the tattoo is still fresh to prevent scabs from forming. After that, you need to keep it clean, wear loose clothing, and give it air to let it heal. You should talk to your tattoo artist about this because he or she will have plenty of good suggestions about how to best heal a tattoo.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will talk to the artist. The tattoo is on the waistline, so it keeps getting rubbed by clothing. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions about how to handle a tattoo in an area like that were it's difficult to keep it from being rubbed by clothing.

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    • Whoever said that is a jackass. They know nothing about tattoos and even less about being a decent person. I'd leave the tattoo as is. I say this over and over, I think you have a better chance of making it worse than you have improving it. It's a nice tattoo. Did you see examples of the artist work that looked like what you wanted? 
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