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Hi everyone - I would just like to introduce myself to you all. I am from Essex and am the only female in my family to have tattoos. To date, I have 9 tattoos. Admittedly, most of them are in places that can be hidden from view, except for the ones on my feet which look like anklets.

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Welcome! I can sympathize with you. Other in my family have tattoos, but in the whole of my extended family, I am the most tattooed. The only other people who have tattoos are my sister, mother, and stepfather. No one else does, and I have the most out of them, so it's a bit of a shock I suppose.

We'd love to see your tattoos!

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    • check this out,I love going to conventions,mingle,look,learn.You should go to it.maybe you could get some ideas and find an artist that you like,
    • I'm busy healing my new little addition, I got it on my arm and between the easy spot and the tebori the experience was the easiest to date.  I got a Daruma doll which was one of the two things I originally set out to get anyways, I have some rock climbing goals to reach and if I do I'll get the eye blacked in during the Jacksonville Imperial Arts fest.  Pics in a few days once the eye calms down.  
    • Agree with @Oiocha.  Let it heal and then see where you're at with it. I don't think moving your wrist is going to make it any worse. I recently started working on my first larger scale tattoo and I've definitely been down the over-analyze, stare at it all night path with it. It can drive you crazy especially if you're prone to being a perfectionist. Accepting imperfections is part of the process as I'm slowly learning. As a wise man once said in another thread, "my tattoos are as perfect as I am".  Credit for that goes to @JAC1961
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