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  1. I'm back, I suppose. Hate to always be in and out of this place, but the last year has been crazy with me and my job, and life... then got sucked into the vortex of reddit but I have kept up with some of you guys on IG. But I love my job, it's fulfilling and worthwhile.
  2. Got a new job. Broke up with shitty bf. Discovered jagerbombs. Looking forward to starting my tattoo fund for whatever my next tattoo may be.
  3. Leg tattoos take forever to heal. Give it time. My ankle tattoo took a month or a little more to be decent, the one on my calf 3 weeks.
  4. In reference to the whole copyright thing... yeah fuck that. I paid for the tattoo, endured the pain, and unless I pay for removal, it will never go away. I paid the artist money either to put flash on me or design me something unique. Either way, once I pay for it and it's applied, it is mine. No one will ever own rights to anything on my body, even if they're the one who put it there. Do cosmetic surgeons copyright an exceptionally well done boob job? If so, does that mean they have rights to whom the patient shows the boob job to, especially with those in the sex industry with boob jobs wh
  5. I have to find a picture of my legs together but I only have two tattoos on my legs, one on each My moon girl when she was first done Healed 1 year: My other leg tattoo: Healed 2 years: Want more on my legs but want to take my time.
  6. Yes! I don't want anything too big but I have a lot of ideas and would love to get a smaller one out of the way.
  7. No, but hopefully before the end of the year I can make plans for one. It's been a year since the last one
  8. I know I've been missing here for the last few months.... between discovering reddit (btw r/tattoos is a clusterfuck) and the drawn out end of a bad relationship, I guess I have avoided it here. Kept in touch with a few on IG but it's not the same. Just wanted to say that I am alive
  9. I saw this on IG and I'm like, I know that leg... Glad to see how beautifully your tattoos are coming along
  10. Ok back to report, my nephew Jordan was born at 5:45 this morning. He's adorable and big. Havent been able to hold him yet but I will get to when we go back to the hospital
  11. clicked on the link tried to give me a virus. nope.
  12. been in labor and delivery for the last 9 hours. my nephew is on his way. came home to sleep for a few hours, but super stoked
  13. Wow these are crazy! Sent from my Huawei Y301A2 using Tapatalk
  14. i've never seen so many pizza posts as I do from @dirbab on IG.
  15. Not so cool but I love it... finally signed up for Covered CA. I haven't had insurance in years and I qualify for Medi-Cal now, so I can finally see a doctor, it's been 3 years and I really need to see one.
  16. Delicious

    Book thread

    AMERICAN GODS> EVERYTHING EVER I've already mentioned it in this thread but I am such a Neil Gaiman fan, read every book of his my college library had to offer.
  17. For tattooing my chest I wore a cut up t-shirt. it basically scooped down low enough to be out of the way. Just cut it up like an emo chick ;) Never been tattooed around my period, so no advice for that. I do like the idea for how to legs tattooed while maintaining some modesty.
  18. no piercings for me. Other than a single hole in my lobe, I have none. I got my cartilage done last year, but I nearly threw up and the room spun when it was pierced. I'd rather get tattooed any day of the week. Plus, within a month I had to take it out because of the pus, my body fought it. If I ever got another ear piercing, I would want to go to the very best place instead of the shitty ghetto tattoo parlor I went to because the other place was closed.
  19. its like the 90's threw up in this post. These are the kinds of tattoos I first saw as a kid and didn't realize tattoos could be different until I moved to CA and turned like 15 and saw decent tattoos
  20. i actually really love your sound. kind of reminds me of the stoner music i used to like but better!
  21. Stole this to bump the thread. Great tattoo by the way @velvetlover36
  22. @Zillah, I'll bring this back to topic. When I got my flapper on my chest, the tattoo artist basically had to touch right above/ on my breast (not like fondling but just had to stretch out the skin on my chest, etc.) and while it was mildly uncomfortable for me, it was nothing compared to what happened to you. The only acknowledgement that it might even be a bit awkward was his sorry as he first touched me. Nothing too serious but I was 19 and a bit shy. Now as for the silence as consent... highly disagree with that statement. Even the examples with Rosa Parks and MLK are WTF moments. Silen
  23. straight up... fuck off. sorry but like really? no one gives one fuck, especially on this forum, about your sexist ideas of women and tattoos. they are for those who want them, where ever they want them, and in the styles they want. No gender or race or body type should stop that. You're obviously a troll trying to stir the pot. Either that or a sexist douche.
  24. I loved it the moment I saw it on IG. Glad it's on an LST-er
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