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Yet another Noobie


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My name is Bethany, I've been looking around and I figured if i ever needed real advice i better associate with actual people.

You can only look at so many pictures and draw so many variations.

I'm 21, 22 next week, Woot! I have a beautiful little Ginger named Alice after Alice in Wonderland who was my insperation for my first tattoo.

I currently have 2 tattoos and I'm working on a few more right now. I am strictly a tattooie, and not a tattooer. I mostly joined for advice on ideas

which is possibly lame but didn't know how else to get advice with out pestering the local tatttooist.

Ummm, I love history? and playing video games? and if I could I would have tattoos that played music. LOL!!! that would be awesome!

I guess that's it. Nice to be here!

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Thanks guys. I love tattoos. Even looking at others i find them fascinating, but my problem is that I think i put way too much thought into it. what i think looks great on someone

I would never attempt to get so i end up just not getting anything. The only reason i got the 2 i have is bc I'd wanted them for like ever after having a kid i wanted to do something a little crazy.

I would be covered in ink if i had enough courage to say f*uck it.

- - - Updated - - -

But right now my biggest dilemma is between a tree or a phoenix on my back. Not for some super deep meaningful life representation blah blah but bc they are both themes to the best book ever. I already have something there so it would be building on it. but I'm really serious about not having super cliche skanky tattoos. And unfortunately around the hallow of my back so i don't want to go to low.

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The main one that i want the phoenix for is the deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter. The Triangle with the circle and the line through it. I'm a huge HP fan.

The one on my shoulder is the "drink me" bottle from Alice in Wonderland. That I know what I'm going to do its just ganna take some time to perfect.

I believe that tattooing is a type of art and if you don't give the artist proper creativity its not a true work of art. So I have an idea and as long as it serves its purpose

and is still along the same lines i'm good, and it gives you a unique image that others have but isn't the same flash that's on every tippsy "bad ass" teenager.

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