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Newb from NC


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What's up ladies and gentlemen?

I've always been into art and loved tattoos as long as I can remember. After my brother died a couple years ago I decided to start getting inked.

Looking forward to meeting cool people and seeing some great ink and sharing experiences.

Only have 3 right now. Ill post up some pics soon!

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Really? I think I only got one or two... Probably because you didn't need answers to a question or any direction for good artists.

Welcome to the forum!

It can be easy for an initiation post to get missed and then sort of drop off the radar. I like your tiger.

Thanks the tiger is my latest and I love it!!!

My wife has an appointment Sunday(same artist) ill post some pictures

Didn't mean to be standing on my head, just expected(from previous forum exp) that with 160 views I might catch a 'hello' or 'hey your tattoos suck' lol the 'read here first' suggesting getting your initial posts here..

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Also' date=' I think the genius who wants to go on a tropical vacation with a fresh tattoo might have stolen your thunder. Don't sweat it, people here are very warm, I'm sure you'll find other areas of the forum more interesting anyhow :)[/quote']

True enough! Pure genius, and your right.

I've already read so many names of artists and shops that seem kick ass :) ty

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