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kiddcuruption, lost in thought


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hello all I am super new here and hope I can help and find help or just have good conversation. I have been tattooing privately for almost four years now and I don't think ill ever go to a "shop". the ones around my corner of the world all are pretty bad as far as the whole experience. with the exeption of a few guys that are very talented. I do piercings here and there too. lately I have been spending a lot more time building and trying new things with my machines. to the point where I am barely tattooing or drawing, i need to get back on track with art. I use coil machines mainly i have one stealth that i use a little. inks are moms and starbrite but i just got a few colors from iron butterfly(mint choc. chip) and a light blue and they are awesome imo. any one have any experience with iron butterfly. I have been studying a lot, and have been saving aluminum, brass, and copper. i hope to have my furnace up and running by next spring( i takes a while to save i have two boys) i would like to cast just some simple proven frames( bulldogs, coastal waters, clipper, jonesy, ect) i have been making the hardware and springs already and have built a few machines for friends, just out of extra parts and what not. i know a lot of people will tell me that not every one can build. i know this but i am very good at tunning and have been buying tools necessary. I will be the first to tell you that i am not the best at all or imo good! i am very open and hope for feed back from anyone

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