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UK Tabloid "Journalism"

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Honestly I couldn't care less about tattooing's PR. I wouldn't blame some dude saying tattoos give you cancer for 20 bucks just to keep the suckers fool enough to believe it out of this already (debatably) over-inflated industry/community. Maybe that's only because I wasn't around when things were 'worse' and mothers hid their children from tattoos. I'm no authority on whats best but thats my two cents.

Also journalists are bloodsuckers. There is no integrity. But journalism is the only industry that self-regulates. If this gets out I can almost guarantee that it would get a retraction, or some other publication eager to throw this asshat under the bus (less competition is never a bad thing), flack against the organization claiming it, and in a best case scenario the medical community fighting back. I can't imagine, in a world where everything gives you cancer, that the medical community would be okay with some dumbass crying wolf with this shit.

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