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New guy lookin' for some info

Arne Van Ongeval

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Hi all,

A friend referred me to here. I am considering finally getting a tattoo.

Because it is something for life, I want to be really sure I get it with the best artist... Don't we all...

I am a passionated diver, and have a want-to-see-list of ocean creatures. My idea would be to have the top 5 of those on my upper arm/chest. But only when I have met them personally. So it would be a tattoo-work-in-progress.

Maybe you guys have some ideas as to where I should go? I want it to be ultra realistic.


Arne from Belgium

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There are a lot for folks today doing realism...color especially....

Guys like Mr. Cook are passionate about the sea life, but I don't think you need to find a diver to do the tattoo.

I'd say look for folks who specialize in color REALISM, the rest is just layout and symmetry ...

Sea life makes KILLER tattoo subject..... To me it's how the background is handled that makes the difference...nothing worse than a big ole muted blue arm......

Good luck

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